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‘AGT’ Alum Antigravity Show Secures ‘France’s Got Talent’ Golden Buzzer

Anti Gravity Show via InstagramAnti Gravity Show via Instagram

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America’s Got Talent alum Antigravity Show, formally known as Front Pictures, has officially crossed over to France’s Got Talent 2022. The multimedia act showed off their futuristic visual solutions, prompting FGT judge Sugar Sammy to press his Golden Buzzer.

Antigravity Show Bags Golden Buzzer in France’s Got Talent

Trying their luck in France’s Got Talent, Antigravity Show performed an act that involves selecting a destination and an avatar. Subsequently, they travelled to an illusioned reality on stage, as if taking the audiences into another dimension.

A girl named Evelynia is Antigravity Show’s front man. Entirely, their group is composed of several people, but only five of them auditioned. After their performance, the judges quickly intimated their praises to Evelynia and the rest of the team. Judge Eric Antoine described their act as “unbelievable.”

“I thought I was in the Playstation 12. That’s something I’ve never seen before,” he said. “I want you to be in video games of my kids.”

On the other hand, Helene Segara said that Antigravity Show made her forget her eye issues. On the flipside, judge Marianne James didn’t think that the show was perfect because Evelynia wasn’t physically expressive but agreed that the performance was amazing.

Sugar Sammy had a different view, deeming the performance as the future of entertainment. He said that the multimedia act not only touched on the technological side, but he’s also felt the thrill of travelling with Evelynia.

“Your performance touched my heart, which made me remember that I have one,” Sugar Sammy said. “That’s a sign of an excellent act. You have a place here.”

James, Segara, and Antoine voted yes for the group. Believing that Antigravity Show needs more time to practice, Sugar Sammy gave them a Golden Buzzer. This automatically sends them to the final round.

The Group Was on America’s Got Talent

Antigravity Show is not a stranger in the world of talent competitions. For those who may not know, they competed on America’s Got Talent season 13. The group, formerly known as Front Pictures, they performed a similar multimedia act but with a different frontman.

They did not show off during the Judge Cuts, but nevertheless proceeded to the Quarterfinals. Unluckily, they were voted off in the Quarterfinals. They appeared once again as Wild Card during the Semifinals but got eliminated again.

In 2019, they auditioned in the World’s Got Talent in China using their present name. They also joined Italia’s Got Talent, but failed once more to bag the top prize.

Today, their revolutionary performance has reached France, and we’re yet to witness whether the stars will align for Antigravity show this season.

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