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8 “Vote for Team Ariana” Memes That Had Us Actually Laughing Out Loud

Team Ariana Grande the VoiceTrae Patton/NBC

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It’s no secret that Team Ariana has social media on their side this season on The Voice. Ariana Grande has a huge amount of social media followers voting for the remaining members of her team. As seen earlier in the competition, Arianators do not disappoint when it comes to their memes.

As the season has gone on, Team Ari has begun sharing even more funny images, and I’m still totally here for it. If you need a good laugh, check out some of these greatest memes.

1. That’s Not What Her Sign Really Said…

If Grande’s fans know whats good for them, they’ll vote for The Allens and Holly Forbes.

2. Wait, There’s a Limit on How Many Times You Can Vote?

Some may see this as rigging the competition, but really this fan is just using their resources.

3. It Can’t Get More Clear Than This

The book told you to do it, not me.

4. Team Ariana Fans Sharing How Proud They Are of Jim and Sasha Allen

Grande fans were happy to see this father-son act make it through to the Top 10.

5. Arianators Have Love for Holly Forbes too

I mean come on, she’s impressed us all since day one.

6. This is What was Actually Written on Squidward’s Paper

Clearly even Squidward Tentacles is endorsing Team Ariana.

7. This Series of Memes That Include Some of Grande’s Most Iconic Lyrics

It would be horrible to see Grande live up to any of these.

8. How We’ll All Feel if Team Ariana is up for the Instant Save Again

Even though it’s her first season, Grande deserves to bring someone into the Top 5.

Be sure to watch The Voice tonight at 8 p.m. ET to see who makes it into the Top 8. Will Team Ariana continue to shine?

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