Sasha Allen Celebrates Being the First Transgender Singer to Surpass ‘The Voice’ Battles

Corey Cesare
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Sasha Allen the VoiceGreg Gayne/NBC

The father-son duo, Jim and Sasha Allen have officially made it past the blind auditions, battle rounds, and knockout rounds of The Voice, they have now moved onto the live performances. Whether this duo wins the show or not, the two have already made show history. Sasha Allen is the first openly transgender singer to make it past the battle rounds in 21 seasons.

Fans Were Outraged When This Duo was Brushed Over in the Battle Rounds

This duo quickly became a fan favorite when they turned the chairs of both Kelly Clarkson and Ariana Grande during their audition. Before the two stepped foot on stage, their introduction video talked about Sasha’s transition, which occurred while he was in high school. He said he connected with the format of The Voice because of his life experiences.

“I think it’s a really beautiful concept,” Sasha said. “It’s a statement about not judging people for what they’ve gone through or who they are, and just listening to … what they have to offer.”

Sasha recently shared in a TikTok that he dropped out of school last January to follow his singing dreams. So far, he and his father seem to be on the right path since they’re easily a fan favorite on The Voice.

Their fans were upset to see them brushed over in the national broadcast during the battle rounds. They battled against Sophia Bromberg and their actual song was shown for less than 30 seconds.

Sasha shared a shirtless Instagram post expressing his gratitude for his spot on Team Ariana. He wrote about how he is thrilled to be a transgender representative within the show. He also joked at the end about how he’s shirtless in the picture because he’s getting his money’s worth of the $7,000 top surgery.

Sasha Allen is Third Openly Trans Person to Appear on The Voice

Within Sasha’s post, he mentioned that he is one of three transgender singers to ever be on The Voice. The first transgender singer to turn a chair on the show was Angel Bonilla in season 14. She performed “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith and became apart of Team Adam.

On the show, she talked about how she knew she was female since she was five-years-old. Her introduction video also touched on what it was like to be born in a conservative family. Although she left the show early, she will forever be remembered as the first openly transgender singer to ever make it past the blind auditions on the show.

The second openly transgender singer to ever make it on The Voice was Dane Mautonem, known for being half of the family duo Dane and Stephanie in season 17. Dane and Stephanie were the family duo that led the way for Jim and Sasha on The Voice.

In the sibling duo’s blind audition, Dane shared to Carson Daly that he is a transgender man. Throughout their background story, Stephanie was shown as a super supportive sister. This duo was apart of Team Legend, but once again were eliminated in the battle rounds.

Ariana Grande absolutely loves this family duo on her team, so I’m sure they will continue to ride the Team Ariana wave. Not to mention their sweet vocals and backup guitar makes these two a group to watch as the live performances continue. Regardless of how far they make it on this show, it’s obvious this duo has a bright future ahead of them.

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