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‘The Voice’s Jim Allen Says Performing With Sasha Allen is a ‘Double Dream Come True’

Jim and Sasha Allen the voiceTrae Patton/NBC

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Jim and Sasha Allen are one of two groups still left in The Voice this season. Since joining Team Ariana, this group has had great success throughout the competition. They have yet to be up for elimination, but how did this father-son duo come to be?

These two are from Newtown, Connecticut and have always had music apart of their lives. Jim was born into a music loving family that would often harmonize together at family get togethers. He then made sure that his son was able to have a similar experience growing up. Sasha has been playing guitar since the age of six and has grown to love performing with his dad.

“I always grew up listening to alot of harmony singing country bluegrass and even like Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, those kind of sounds,” said Jim. “I always wanted to experience what that’s like singing inside a really great small group harmony thing, so with Sasha here, I’m in heaven.”

Jim and Sasha’s Appreciation for Music Shows Up in Each Performance

Many of their songs on The Voice are from artists that are well known. This group sees music as something universal. Both Jim and Sasha have an appreciation of all music, so they’re always paying tribute to some of the best artists.

“That’s a reason why I’ve always loved playing with my dad because my dad has an appreciation for music now and I have appreciation for music that he grew up with,” said Sasha. “It’s this thing that spans many generations and it’s something we’ve always connected with. Music has always been a big part of my life because I was raised around so much music and I was raised playing guitar with my dad and singing.”

Jim grew up playing in various folk and bluegrass bands before becoming a music teacher. With a music teacher father, Sasha was always surrounded by music, but he didn’t have an easy childhood. Throughout his youth, he was discovering who he was and came out as transgender while in high school.

Sasha is the first transgender singer to make it this far on The Voice. A record that he has been celebrating since the battle rounds. Even though his childhood was rough, he always turned to music as a comfort.


When Did They Form Their Group?

Although the love of music was always there for both Jim and Sasha, the two didn’t become a group until recently. Before The Voice, the father-son group was performing at open mics and other local venues. It’s obvious that this is not only Sasha’s dream, but Jim’s too. When Jim was asked about his biggest take away from the show he clarified that it’s a dream come true.

“For me it’s being here with a member of my family. That special connection and that this is, I’m getting time with my son that I might not have otherwise,” said Jim. “It’s a double dream come true and that family connection extends the feeling we have with comradery with these other performers of all ages, it’s a beautiful experience, and that feeling of fellowship is going to stay with us forever.”

Both Jim and Sasha are hopeful that their time on The Voice has foreshadowed their successful future. They’re excited to bring what they’ve learned from mentors in future performances.

Jim and Sasha were able to make it to the the Top 11 without being up for elimination. America has shown repeatedly that they love this father-son group, so I’m sure these two will have a spot in the finale.

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