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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About ‘America’s Got Talent’s Nightbirde

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On this season of America’s Got Talent, standout performer Nightbirde touched all of our hearts. This beautiful singer, took the AGT stage and graced us with an emotional audition. Her original song “It’s OK,” gained attention worldwide after becoming Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer

We all know that this girl is a fighter. At the time of her audition, she had cancer in her spine, lungs, and liver, with a 2% chance of survival. But, this stand out-star, is headed straight to the live shows.


10 Facts About Nightbirde

1. Her Stage Name Came to Her in a Dream

Born Jane Marczewski, the Ohio native revealed that her stage name came to her in a dream. Multiple nights in a row, she dreamt that birds were singing outside her bedroom window in the dark. While the first two times were dreams, the third instance actually happened. She wanted to be somebody that could sing through a dark time, because she was so full of hope that there would be a new morning: Nightbirde was born. 

2. She Was Previously Married

In 2019, doctors expected Nightbirde to live only three to six months. After this diagnosis, her husband of five years, musician Jeremy Claudio, ended their marriage. After that blow, she moved to California in search of a cure and for a short time, she was cancer free, but ultimately, her illness returned. 

3. Nightbirde Triumphed Through a Mental Health Crisis

The stress from her failing physical health and recent divorce caused her to suffer a “catatonic mental breakdown.” On her GoFundMe page, she reveals that she barely spoke, ate, or moved from bed for several months. The help from specialists discovered that the events of this year had caused a physical head trauma. Luckily, Brain Wave Therapy made huge strides in her recovery as she continued to sing again.


4. She Has Her Own Blog

As you can tell from her song lyrics, Nightbirde is a beautiful writer. She has documented her life in several blog posts, where she speaks poetically about her life. Linked to her Instagram, you are taken to the post “God is on the Bathroom Floor.” It’s a gorgeous piece, and in it, she speaks about how on her sickest days, she would seek comfort on the cool bathroom floor and pray. Which brings us to our next discovery.

5. Nightbirde is Very Connected to Her Faith

Nightbirde attended Liberty University, which is a Christian school, and also has a significant tattoo in reference to the bible. On her right forearm, she has seven dots. In a news interview she said: “there’s  a verse in the Bible that says a righteous person falls seven times and gets back up again.” If there is anyone out there who lives by that, it’s Nightbirde. 

6. She Recorded a Live Version of “It’s OK”

Nightbirde took to Nashville to record her AGT audition song for Maple House sessions on YouTube. Her original track has over 2 million views on the platform as well as streams on Spotify.

7. Nightbirde Has Other Original Songs on Spotify

At the time of her audition, she had amassed over 537,000 monthly listeners on the platform, and showed off this number in an Instagram post. Her other popular songs include “Girl in a Bubble” and “New Years Eve.”


8. Nightbirde Has Merch

The Nightbirde store has a variety of apparel for purchase. On the site, you can buy hoodies with “It’s OK” written on the front. You can also buy t-shirts with the famous phrase that made Simon Cowell himself tear up. “You can’t wait until life’s not hard before you decide to be happy.” 

9. She is All About Spreading Positivity

With all of the things that Nightbirde’s been through, it would be easy for her to have a negative attitude and focus on the downsides of life. However, she refuses to do that. Instead, she chooses to focus on the good things she has going for herself, and she hopes to spread this positivity to others. 

10. She Has a Large Social Media Presence

Since appearing on America’s Got Talent, she has a total of 631,000 followers on Instagram. She also has a growing YouTube channel with over 50,000 subscribers. I’m sure those numbers will continue to grow considering her amazing talent.

With so much more to learn about this breakthrough talent, be sure to watch America’s Got Talent when the live episodes return on August 10.

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Garry A. Clark
Garry A. Clark
1 year ago

Simon Cowell said all that one can possibly say when he said, “Wow!” I know more than Prayers occurred on a bathroom floor. God touched that gal while she was on the bathroom floor, and I am grateful! “Nightbirde” keep flapping your wings!

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