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What’s Going on With Britney Spears? All The Tea, Explained


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It’s no secret that Pop Princess Britney Spears is all the rave right now on the internet. She has practically grown up in front of our eyes, from The Mickey Mouse ClubHouse, to Star Search, to her time on the radio, I promise you know who Britney is, even if you don’t necessarily know her name.

Britney Spears has been the top headline for quite a while, from her conservatorship, divorce, dangerous knife dance, changing her name, and even more. Let’s dive right into it.

Britney’s Conservatorship Ends, Her New Era Begins

The recent rave about Spears truly began when her conservatorship became nationally known. On February 1, 2008, Spear was placed on an involuntary conservatorship. She was placed underneath her father, Jamie Spears.

Jamie remained as her conservator until 2019, when he was hospitalized. At that time, her conservator duties were transferred to court-appointed professor, Jodi Montgomery. Meanwhile, her career was placed on a hiatus and she checked into a mental health facility.

While in the facility, the terms of Spear’s conservatorship leaked to the public, and people became enraged. Apparently, Spears learned about the #FreeBritney movement while in this mental health facility.

Following a tough and lengthy legal battle, Spears’ conservatorship ended in November 2022. Now, we’re seeing the fallout of such a traumatic event coming to an end. Since then, Spears has been able to express herself without any boundaries.

Britney has divorced her third husband Sam Asghari, begun posting what she wants on social media, and she’s released a book. If you’re out of the loop, Britney divorced Sam and changed her name to Maria River Red in August 2023.

What’s Up With The Social Media Videos?

The most mentioned part of Spears at the moment is her social media presence. She’s surely returned to her jaw dropping performance era, but on a different scale. Some of the singer’s best performances involve the wow aspect, whether it’s her dressing up like a ringleader, doing a sensual dance, or performing with a snake around her shoulders she always puts on a show.

Now, her performances are on a bit of a lower scale, in her home. In a recent attempt to relive those moments, she picked up prop knives and twirled around while shaking them all around. It’s said that Britney was inspired by Shakira’s recent MTV VMA performance for this video, but this was performed way different than Shakira.

@.l.a.m.2 #fypシ #fyp #fypage ♬ original sound – $ L A M 2

Some of The Tea From Her Memoir

Justin Timberlake Abortion

On October 24 Spear released her memoir, “The Woman in Me.” This tell-all memoir reveals A LOT about what she’s been through. After her 13 year conservatorship, she’s finally giving us all the tea.

The first bombshell she dropped was related to her relationship with Justin Timberlake. She revealed that she got pregnant in late 2000, at only 19 years old. Spears was reportedly extremely conflicted about the situation, since she had been raised against abortion.

“Justin definitely wasn’t happy about the pregnancy. He said we weren’t ready to have a baby in our lives, that we were way too young,” she wrote in her memoir.

Later, she reveals: “If it had been left up to me alone, I never would have done it. And yet Justin was so sure that he didn’t want to be a father.”


Due to these statements many, believe that Spears’ single “Everytime” is about Justin, especially since the lyrics and music video feature a baby. Since this dropped, Britney’s “Everytime” songwriter has denied allegations that this song is about Justin Timberlake and the abortion.

The X Factor

Another important thing that Spears dropped in her memoir was how she really felt about judging The X Factor. If you forgot, Spears judged The X Factor alongside Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato and L.A. Reid.

Week after week Britney returned to the judging panel with a smile on her face and honestly, some pretty good comments for each artist. The good always comes with the bad though, apparently she hated the show.

“I think a lot of people are really professional on TV, like Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani. When the camera’s on them, they thrive. And that’s great,” she wrote. “I used to be able to do that when I was younger, but again, I feel like I age backwards when I‘m afraid.”


The X Factor apparently put her over the edge, making her “very, very nervous if I knew I had to be on air,” adding, “Maybe I’m just not cut out for that anymore.”

Spears Doesn’t Want to Return to Music

The biggest revelation that has become public is the fact that she has no motivation to return to music. It’s important to note, Britney has released two songs since her conservatorship ended. The first is “Hold Me Closer” featuring Elton John, and the second is “Mind Your Business” featuring Will.I.Am.

When discussing music, Spears is mostly talking about her motivation and desires as an independent artist. While opening up about music, Spear wrote: “My music was my life, and the conservatorship was deadly for that; it crushed my soul.”


Apparently, during her Las Vegas residency, her desire to add her favorite songs “Change Your Mind” or “Get Naked” was denied. In turn, she felt like they wanted her to be embarrassed on stage every night.

In her memoir, she details: “pushing forward in my music career is not my focus at the moment, It’s time for me not to be someone who other people want; it’s time to actually find myself.”

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