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What Happened to Katy Perry’s Eye During Her Las Vegas Show?

Katy Perry's eye glitches during Las Vegas ShowKaty Perry Tv via TikTok

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American Idol judge Katy Perry has gotten fans talking about her right eye after a moment from her recent Las Vegas show went viral. The clip shows her seemingly trying to keep her eye open while on stage.

Katy Perry’s Eye Twitches During Las Vegas Show

In the clip, shared on TikTok, Perry poses on stage in a dress made out of soda cans as the crowd cheers. Her right eye appears to close on its own, and Perry touches her temple a few times to get it to stay open. She then tells the crowd to make noise for her band, without acknowledging what just happened.

Fans have been sharing their theories about what might have caused the strange moment, and they range from joking to serious. Some fans thought Perry was secretly a robot who was glitching, while others joked that her eye was damaged after getting slimed in the face at the Kids’ Choice Awards years ago.

One fan on TikTok thought it could be Perry’s false eyelashes sticking together, while another replied, “It can be from nerves, stress, just pushing herself to [sic] hard. There’s a muscle that connects at your temple.” Other people simply thought Perry was doing it on purpose as part of the performance.


@katyperrytv KATYYYYY!#PLAY🍄 ♬ sonido original – Katy Perry TV

Perry Has Said She Has a ‘Wonk Eye’

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time the subject of Katy Perry’s eye has has come up. She’s spoken in the past about what she calls her “wonk eye.” Last year, after American Idol contestant Caleb Kennedy opened up about his lazy eye, Perry talked about her own experience.

She said she “used to be worried” about her “wonk eye,” adding that people “have created a fandom” around it. Perry added, “It’s my right eye. So just celebrate all that stuff. Don’t worry about it.”

In a past video interview, Perry shared what she has in her bag, which included eye drops. She explained, “I got a prescription for my wonk eye. To make this eye go bigger whenever I take pictures, ’cause I have a slight wonk.”

However, the eye Perry pointed to in that video was actually her left eye. Maybe we’ll never know the real answer to what was happening on stage in Vegas.

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Ted Turner
Ted Turner
1 year ago

Thinking about Katy Perry’s eye problem I would hope she gets a full understanding from her doctors who can fully comprehend the physiological reality of what’s going on in her whole system. I think it would be important to be fully checked out and not belittled until it might create further physiological problems… I am not a physician but I have had physiological traumas to where I take care of areas in my life which have had been hurt to keep me whole and strong and to heal what was hurt and not be hurt any more…. I wish Katy… Read more »

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