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Watch the Top 5 Best Kid Magicians on ‘Got Talent’ Who Will Blow Your Mind

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Kid magicians on Got Talent shows are always a hit. The judges and the audience alike often soften up to the pint-size performers on stage. Watch some of our favorite young magicians prove that age doesn’t matter when it comes to the magic world.

1. Aiden McCann

Aiden McCann appeared on Season 14 of Britains Got Talent. His glasses was adorable and he resembled a young Harry Potter. Before he began his act, the performer already did a magic trick by having his shoes tied without using his hands. The judges were already impressed. The 10 year old used judge Alesha ring for his first big act. With just a cloth he made her ring disappear.

After taking a quick jab at Simon Cowell, Aiden’s trick showed Alesha’s ring in the back of a watch that was in a gift box for Cowell. He made it to the finals during his 2020 season after winning the Public Vote. Because of Covid-19 Aiden has been performing magic acts via zoom.

2. Issy Simpson

Issy Simpson was 8 years old when she appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. She told the judges that she learned magic from her grandfather which melted the audience’s hearts. Issy combined her two favorite things, reading and magic. After her first act that included Cowell not being able to move a box with barley in items in it, Cowell needed to recover thinking about what just happened.

Issy made it as a runner up during Season 11. After her show stopping performances, she was actually signed to the same talent management that signed Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe. In 2019 she participated in Britains Got Talent: Champions.


3. The Amazing Shoji

During Season 16 of America’s Got Talent, Shoji was 9 years old when he took the stage. He charmed the audience when he said he would buy tacos and a dog if he won the $1 million dollar prize. Shoji’s sleight of hand magic act left the judges scratching their heads.

He quickly began making a coin appear and disappear repeatedly. Shoji gave America’s Got Talent champion Shin Lim a shout out when he pulled out a deck of cards made by Shin to continue his act. After telling the world that Lim was his hero, Shoji got a birthday surprise from the magician during his brief appearance during a Season 16 episode.

4. Kaden Bart Rockett

Kaden was 10 years old when he appeared on Season 11 of America’s Got Talent. With assistance from his sister, Kaden made it all the way to the semi-finals. Kaden began his act with a cute dance number that seemed innocent. After trading in his tuxedo jacket for a leather jacket.

The “Bad Boy” was unleashed. His quick act of sawing his sister in half was a hit. Kaden and his team produce his own YouTube specials. His most recent one premiered this summer. Kaden is also a rising actor who has appeared in the horror movies, Dark Skies and Stay.

5. Henry Richardson

Henry Richardson was a teenager when he appeared on Season 12 of America’s Got Talent. During his audition he explained to the judges that Got Talent actually influenced him to get into magic. His first card trick made judge Mel B’s mouth drop. After his appearance Henry made morning talk show rounds, including Good Morning America. He even filmed a Nickelodeon YouTube pilot that saw him performing magic acts across New York City.

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