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The Amazing Shoji Gets the Ultimate Birthday Surprise From Shin Lim on ‘AGT’


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The Amazing Shoji’s time was cut way too short on AGT this season. He was just 9 years old when he auditioned for the show with his awesome close-up magic tricks. After not being selected for the live shows, the judges decided to pay it forward with the best birthday surprise ever. Turning 10 has never been this cool!

Shin Lim Surprises The Amazing Shoji on ‘AGT’

Shoji’s two favorite magicians in the whole world are Eric Jones and Shin Lim. Shoji was invited backstage at AGT to talk about his love for magic on his 10th birthday. He loves Shin because of how inspirational and mysterious he is with his magic tricks. Shin appeared out of nowhere to surprise him.

The Season 13 AGT winner even told Shoji that he was allowed to touch his hair. Let’s face it, we’ve all fantasized about touching Shin’s luscious locks. He invited Shoji to his rehearsal for last weeks live results show. It was absolutely adorable to see someone so young who clearly looks up to Shin very much.

Shoji later sat down for an interview session with Shin. He wrote questions on a CVS receipt. Shin shared that his parents were “very concerned” when he told them he wanted to pursue a magic career. They wondered how he was going to make money. It obviously worked out for him after winning $1 million.


“The most important thing is putting your personality in it,” Shin told Shoji about magic. “Listen to your heart because that will guide you.”

The Judges Gave Shoji a Birthday Cake

To celebrate his birthday, Shin gave Shoji tickets to Universal Studios in Hollywood. He miraculously made them appear out of Shoji’s hair. The duo did card tricks together and shared some of their cool skills that the rest of us at home are jealous of.

“You’re going to be so amazing when you grow up,” Shin said. “Wait until your hands get bigger because you’ll be able to hide a whole deck of cards.”

The AGT judges greeted Shoji backstage with a birthday cake. He called the whole experience “the best birthday present ever.” Never has an AGT contestant gotten so much love on the show after not making it to the live shows. Shoji is going to be a major force to be reckoned with when he grows up.

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