‘The Voice’ Winner Chloe Kohanski Sets Off Twitter With Her Political Views

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My abuela always said that nothing makes people angrier than religion and politics and in the age of vitriolic Twitter and Facebook rants that’s definitely true. So, I’m not surprised that Chloe Kohanski’s relatively innocent Twitter message of understanding set a lot of people off…especially many of Blake’s fans.

Chloe Kohanski decided this morning to post a PSA on twitter. Here’s what Chloe tweeted:

“PSA: I might be white and from the south but I am extremely liberal and proud 🙂 I love everyone & I want everyone to feel like they can truly express themselves. love who u are and love ur life. :dizzy: ok goodnight.”

A nice sentiment, but using that word “liberal” set off her more conservative fans. We don’t have the comments anymore because she edited the tweet and deleted many of them so the message now reads:

“updated tweet: I love everyone and want everyone to feel like they can TRULY express themselves. Love who YOU are, and love YOUR life. :”

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Chloe Kohanski Twitter

It’s not a stretch to say that many of Blake Shelton’s fans are out in the red states of America. People in blue cities like Nashville or New York sometimes don’t think about that. But I mean, c’mon. Chloe can express her opinions without having people dogpile on her. That would be a stupid reason to stop enjoying her tremendous talent. We are all so divided in the U.S. right now that things like music can bring us together. We love you, Chloe. You go on.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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