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Video Of Nickelodeon Allegedly Sexualizing Ariana Grande Resurfaces, Causing Controversy

Ariana Grande on the set of 'Victorious'Photo by Micah Smith/Getty Images

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Ariana Grande initially rose to fame as a child star on Nickelodeon. Her portrayal as Cat Valentine in the series Victorious played a pivotal role in launching her career. However, recent controversy has erupted as a compilation of clips from her Nickelodeon days resurfaced, reigniting discussions about the network’s portrayal of the young star.

Fans Accuse Nickelodeon For Sexualizing Teenage Ariana Grande on Victorious

The now 30-year-old Grande was just a teenager when she started her career with Nickelodeon. The resurfaced clips from her time on Victorious have raised concerns among fans and critics, accusing the network of both “sexualizing” and “infantilizing” the star.

In these scenes, which were recorded when she was just 16 years old, Grande can be seen engaging in discussions that some viewers find uncomfortable. One clip involves her discussing her uvula, a teardrop-shaped piece of soft tissue in the mouth, getting stuck between a hamster’s toes.

Another scene shows her putting her finger in the back of her throat. She also makes remarks about being “soaking wet” and even puts her toes in her mouth. One particularly contentious scene shows her lying on her back and pouring water on her chest.

The compilation of these clips gained widespread attention on Twitter, amassing millions of views and sparking intense discussions. Many expressed their discomfort with the content and questioned the ethics of directing a teenager to engage in such actions for entertainment purposes.


Fans Express Their Concern For The Video

As the clips gained widespread attention on social media platforms, fans took to X/Twitter and other platforms to express their discomfort and concern for the young star. Many fans expressed their support for Grande, acknowledging the uncomfortable and potentially exploitative situations she found herself in during her teenage years on the network.

“This is absolutely disgusting. As an adult watching this right now, you can tell EXACTLY what they were doing,” One fan posted.

“This always makes me nauseous, imagine directing a teenager to do that stuff as a grown man,” Another user posted.

“When she stuck her finger in her mouth… She looked physically uncomfortable, and the feet thing… Just… Wow, disgusting,” A third fan wrote.

Overall, fans have been vocal in their concern for Grande. Expressing their desire to see positive change in the industry’s treatment of young stars. This controversy has sparked important conversations about the responsibilities of networks, producers, and the public in ensuring the well-being and dignity of child actors and actresses.

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Mr. B.
Mr. B.
7 months ago

To Those that complain.. did you watch the original show?
Did the show make you uncomfortable when you watched it originally?

Not judging, just asking.

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