‘The X Factor UK’ Bootcamp Continues

Jack Tomas | Talent Recap

The X Factor UK‘s bootcamp round continued with more singers, more killer performances, and more judges getting emotional. The question is, is the winner of the final show among this group?

Daniel Quick

Young Daniel picked Feeling Good. He was a little nervous after some throat problems. He did sound a little froggy. Unfortunately, the judges decided that Daniel just isn’t ready.

Scarlett Lee

Scarlett barely got through the auditions because of her bad habits. This time she killed it. They decided that she is going to the six chair challenge.

Anthony Russell

Little Anthony Russell has a great voice but he’s got a lot of nervous energy which worries Simon Cowell. They are afraid of his focus. He seems to be a little scattered. They decided to give him a chance and let him move on.

Slavko Kalezic

This guy is one of the most unique contestants ever on The X Factor UK. Does he have the best voice? No. BUT he’s super entertaining. He chose Where Have You Been by Rihanna. Then his hair fell out. Amazing. He got through in spite of Simon’s objections.


The boy band really impressed the judges even thought the song wasn’t great. But they let them through because they are so cute.


West Indian singer Deanna sang Ed Sheeran better than Ed Sheeran. One of the best voices of the night. Of course they let her through.

Grace Davies

The moment we were all waiting for. Grace Davies came on with another original song. To say she murdered it is an understatement. She made the judge’s cry. I think she’s going to win the whole thing. No contest, she want through.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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