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The Talent Recap Show: Will A Dark Horse Win ‘American Idol’?

The duets are over on American Idol and they’ve whittled down the competition to 14 singers. We can see a few singers have become favorites to win. But could a dark horse performer sneak up and win the whole thing?

On this week’s thrilling episode of The Talent Recap Show, Mel and I discuss this very possibility. You never know what’s going to happen when the voting goes live, which begins next week. The American public is fickle and they like what they like. At this point Alejandro looks unstoppable but I wouldn’t count out people like Dimitrius, Jeremiah, or Laci. They are crazy talented and still have a lot to show us. What about Madison? The judges called her the next Kelly Clarkson. Could they be right?

It wouldn’t be the first time that someone unexpected wins American Idol Last season Maddie Poppe was kind of a dark horse at this point in the competition. She was great and everyone loved her but there were flashier performers that were stealing the limelight. Almost to the end of the season it looked like someone else was going to win according to all our metrics. Tune in next week to The Talent Recap Show and we’ll see in the numbers next week who will come out on top.