The Voice

The Talent Recap Show: ‘The Voice’ Vs. ‘American Idol’ Who Wins?

Here at Talent Recap we cover all the reality talent competition shows. We do not discriminate. That doesn’t mean there aren’t things we don’t like. Mel and I totally have our preferences. As both American Idol and The Voice transition into their live shows, we decided to compare and contrast these two hits.

In this episode of The Talent Recap Show we discuss this important issue. As far as the auditions part of the shows, we both agree that The Voice is the winner hands down. The blind auditions is one of the most iconic moments on the show. The American Idol auditions are kind of messy and a bit exhausting. We always feel a bit like the singers at the end of Hollywood week: busted. But now in the lives I have to say that American Idol has the edge. Mainly because the show is simply more fun and the contestants are more memorable. It’s no accident that it is when the live shows start that American Idol catches up to The Voice in the ratings.

Check out The Talent Recap Show above for more on this discussion. We want to know which show you prefer watching? Do you watch both? If they weren’t on at the same time would you watch both? Let us know in the comments below or in the video comments above.