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The Talent Recap Show: Is The Voice Too Country And Adam Gets Annihilated.

This week on The Talent Recap Show we tackle what’s on a lot of people’s minds: Has The Voice become too countrified for its own good? Also we discuss who went home and who stayed as well as Adam, once again, being eliminated.

We know that The Voice has always had a strong country fan presence. It’s no coincidence seeing as that Blake Shelton is the most famous coach. Blake is essentially the emperor of country, so no surprise there. But it seems like the show itself is pandering too much too much to the country music fans. Why do I say that? Because 5 of the top 8 are male country singers, 4 of which are on team Blake. The problem with this is two-fold. For one thing, they are going to start alienating the fans of the show that are not country fans. If only country people go far and win, then people who like pop or R&B are going to tune into a different show, say, American Idol. The second issue is, why are any contestants going to go on if they aren’t country people?

And what of poor, poor Adam Levine? It’s hard enough for him seeing as he is kind of terrible at being a coach. But if the show becomes only country people trying to out Travis Tritt each other, what chance does he stand? Maybe he should just concentrate on Songland?