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The Recap Room: Spilling The AGTea (S18 E1 Recap)

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America’s Got Talent is back and better than ever for the show’s 18th season. The show’s premiere was filled with twists and turns, enough to keep us jaw dropped! This season, Talent Recap staff members will take turns talking about AGT on our new podcast, The Recap Room.

The first episode of The Recap Room features Talent Recap COO Jessica Chin, thumbnail designer Arda Oztoprak, and video editors Julian Mejia and Olivia Gee. Within the podcast, the team talks about their opinions on the AGT season 18 premiere.


The Premiere Was “Fun” But We’re Optimistic for Better Episodes

Generally speaking, the team felt that the premiere was “fun” but are hopeful that better episodes are on the rise. In addition, they express their excitement for the rest of the upcoming season.

When talking about specific acts, violinist Philip Bowen, band Steel Panther, Kozo’s “funny and weird” variety act, and D’Corey Johnson were mentioned as the best of the week. Olivia even mentioned that she originally thought D’Corey would be the Golden Buzzer of the week, which everyone agreed to since they had a deep backstory clip for him. Our staff also really enjoyed Shadow Ace’s act. They thought it was overall an extremely fun act, but may be better as a one off performance.

The acts that didn’t really shine were Trex Flips, who seemed like a one off performance; Three G who messed up their act a few times; Orlando Leyba because he’s no Mike E. Winfield; Trigg Watson, mostly because Julian wasn’t a fan of his act. From one magician to another, Julian explained that he wasn’t a fan of the act because there was “too much tech.” To him, it was too much of the old with the new. It adds to Julian’s ongoing frustration of magicians who only do one trick on the Got Talent stage.

How Did We Feel About The Audience Golden Buzzer?

When it comes to the first ever Audience Golden Buzzer, Mzansi Youth Choir, Olivia was straight up, admitting that it was a “cop out.” This moment was so special because they sang Nightbirde’s song, but none of the judges really wanted to give to them, but wanted to create a special moment. Instead of the Audience Golden Buzzer, we would’ve preferred if it was the Group Golden Buzzer, or even just Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer.

In turn, it felt like this was a moment that was created to not throw off the game. The TR staff admits that they don’t necessarily think Mzansi Youth Choir would’ve gotten a Golden Buzzer, if it weren’t for the Nightbirde song. It’s no secret that a big part of AGT is having the right song, so it’s no surprise that this happened.

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