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The Recap Room: Spilling The AGTea – Is Brynn Cummings the Next Darci Lynne?

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America’s Got Talent returned to NBC last Tuesday with their next Golden Buzzer, Terry Crews’s pick, Chioma and the Atlanta Drum Academy. This episode definitely kept us on the edge of our seat, so here’s an act by act rundown. This season, Talent Recap staff members will take turns talking about AGT on our new podcast, The Recap Room.

The third episode of The Recap Room features Talent Recap COO Jessica Chin, video editor Julian Meja, thumbnail designer Arda Oztoprak and website managing editor/YouTube host Corey Cesare. Within the podcast, the team talks about their opinions on the third episode of AGT season 18.


The Episode Was Eventful, But Not The Best of The Season

While talking about specific acts, John Wines, Alex and Alex, Riccardo Pace, Grace Good, and Herwan Legaillard were mentioned as the best of the week. Whether it was great guitar playing, weird hand farts, or an impressive aerialist act, the group liked a ton of acts in the episode.

Out of the mentioned performers, the group felt for Alex and Alex. For those that missed it, the pair came to the stage playing a guitar and harp and were voted out of the competition after their short performance. It was obvious that this group was montaged, even though they were clearly talented. It reminded the group a ton of the Emil and Dariel controversy that took place earlier this year.

Acts that had the table divided were Brynn Cummings, Alfie Andrew, and Olexandr Leshchenko. Although these three performers were good, there were little things that made the group lessen their love. Members of the group didn’t like Brynn Cummings and Olexandr Leshchenko because they were too similar to acts they’ve seen before. When it comes to Brynn, Corey admitted that it felt like the ventriloquist wasn’t able to get out of Darci Lynne’s shadow enough to be herself. In the same vein, the group mentions the fact that this act is so similar to Kristy Sellars. When it comes to Alfie Andrew, the group liked the singer, but they’re sick of children singers.

Overall, the group favorite of the week was sword swallower Herwan Legaillard. They believed that this act truly deserved the Golden Buzzer. It’s no secret that Herwan has the “it” factor, so they would’ve rather had this contestant get the honor.

The Staff is Ready to See Something Other Than Singers

The acts that didn’t really shine this week were Roland Abate, Ahren Belisle, and David Rush. This wasn’t the group’s favorite week of singers, and that’s ok. That’s purely what happened when it came to Roland Abate. When it came to Ahren Belisle, the group agreed that his comedy was good, but timing was tough for him, given his health situation.

Finally, the group agreed that David Rush wasn’t a slay, since his world record didn’t seem hard to beat. Check out our staff trying to beat this world record:

@talentrecap Did we break the record?? Check out our fill podcast episode on Spotify and Apple Music! #agt #talentrecap #worldrecord ♬ original sound – Talent Recap

How Did We Feel About Terry Crews’ Golden Buzzer?

Finally, the group talked about Terry Crews’ Golden Buzzer Chioma and the Atlanta Drum Academy. The table was one to three for this group (one person liked it, while the other three weren’t fans). Julian admitted that he liked the group because they’re from Atlanta, which is where his girlfriend is from.

On the flipside, Corey mentioned that she wasn’t a fan of this group, since she researched them too heavily. On the group’s website, Chioma isn’t the frontman, so she felt like the show was trying to tell her how to feel about them. In turn, she just wanted them to be a good drumline, but it felt like they fell flat due to the imposed narrative.

Regardless, the majority of The Recap Room group felt like Chioma and Atlanta Drum Academy didn’t shine as bright as others like Putri Ariani.

We’re excited to see Chioma and the Atlanta Drum Academy again on the stage, but hope the storyline is less significant next time. Let us know what you thought of this episode in the comments down below!

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