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‘The Masked Singer’ Recap: Ken Jeong Hits Take It Off Buzzer in Dramatic Moment

Ken Jeong the masked singerMichael Becker/FOX

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On Wednesday night, The Masked Singer Season 6 returned for the Semifinals as the last four members of Group A performed. Guest judge Will.i.am joined the panel in guessing who was behind the masks.

Tonight’s episode was full of drama, as not only was there a double elimination, but judge Ken Jeong finally hit the Take It Off Buzzer to guess who was under Pepper’s mask. Unfortunately, he was wrong, and now no one else can hit the Buzzer for Group A this season.

However, Pepper ended up being unmasked at the end of the night, so we didn’t have to wait to find out that singer Natasha Bedingfield was under the mask. We also found out that Jester was Johnny Rotten, lead singer of the Sex Pistols.

Ken Jeong Hits the Take It Off Buzzer for Pepper

During Wednesday’s episode, host Nick Cannon shared Bling Shot Clues about the contestants. After Pepper performed an emotional cover of “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles, they told Jeong that “not even gravity could stop that train from getting to you.”

Jeong seemed to immediately figure out who was under the mask. He claimed it was Sara Bareilles, saying he’s friends with the lead singer of Train, and Bareilles has a song with Common called “The Train.” He actually hit the Take It Off Buzzer for the first time this season, guessing Bareilles.

Unfortunately, he was wrong, so Pepper wasn’t unmasked. Jeong was so upset about this that he actually ran on stage and tried to take Pepper’s mask off himself, only to be dragged away by the Men in Black. Because the Buzzer can only be used once per group, Jeong’s guess prevented the other judges from using it.


Jester, Pepper Revealed in Double Elimination

At the end of the night, Jester was one of the contestants eliminated. After delivering a rock ‘n’ roll performance last time, Jester returned to perform “Man of Constant Sorrow” in a more country style. Guesses from the judges included Roger Daltrey, Gene Simmons, and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Ultimately, Jester was revealed to be Johnny Rotten, aka John Lydon, lead singer of the Sex Pistols. As he teased in his clue package, the star shared that his wife of over 40 years has been suffering from Alzheimer’s, and he’s taking care of her.

Pepper was also eliminated, and we found out that it was actually Natasha Bedingfield under the mask. That means that Nicole Scherzinger’s first impression guess (which she stuck with tonight) was correct, giving her a point. Bedingfield shared that her 3-year-old son had brain surgery before the pandemic, but he’s “so incredible” now.

After this elimination, the only two contestants from Group A to move on to the Semifinals are Bull and Skunk.

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