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The Jonas Brothers Olympics Special Ends with a Trip to the Hospital

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

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On Wednesday night, the Jonas Brothers debuted their new NBC special Olympic Dreams. The hour-long program featured the brothers competing in three different Olympic sports — hurdles, gymnastics, and BMX.

The brothers explained that they’ve dreamed of being Olympians since they were children. They competed against each other in tonight’s special to determine who was the most athletic, but things didn’t exactly go according to plan.

During the show, Nick Jonas fell in two out of three events, and his final fall actually sent him to the hospital. All the drama was caught on camera and commentated by Terry Crews and Rich Eisen.

Jonas Brothers Compete in Olympic Hurdles Challenge

For the hurdles portion of the competition, the brothers were coached by hurdler and sprinter Sydney McLaughlin, as well as former track and field athlete Sanya Richards-Ross. Kevin Jonas had the most experience running hurdles, and it turned out to be an advantage.

Kevin ended up winning the gold medal for this portion of the special, with Joe earning silver and Nick coming in third with bronze. During the event, Nick tripped over one of the hurdles and fell, but he got up and finished the race.

McLaughlin and Richards-Ross had commented on Nick’s stiffness and tight hips during training, so it wasn’t a surprise that he had more trouble with the sport than his brothers. Thankfully, he wasn’t seriously injured during this event, although it wouldn’t be his last fall.


Who Won the Gymnastics Portion of the Night?

Laurie Hernandez coached the brothers in gymnastics, along with JaNay Honest and Nia Dennis. They each performed a floor routine featuring tumbles, leaps, and dancing. They were judged by Honest, Dennis, and gymnast Nastia Liukin.

The guys all showed off different styles in their routines. Joe Jonas definitely had the most dramatic performance, complete with a yellow ribbon. However, he ended up in third place. Nick made up for his previous fumble with a pretty impressive routine that earned him a score of 9.3 and the gold.

The Brothers Try BMX, Nick Ends Up in the Hospital

The final event of the night challenged the brothers to a BMX race, coached by Alise Willoughby and 12-year-old Mason Hayes. The guys struggled, especially during the starting gate, but they were determined to do their best.

During the final race, Nick suffered a nasty fall that sent both Kevin and Joe off their bikes. The race came to a stop when Nick had to be taken away in an ambulance. He explained later that he fractured his rib and bruised his tailbone. This is the injury he had when he coached on The Voice earlier this year.

Unfortunately, because of Nick’s injury, we don’t know who would have won the BMX race, or which brother earned the most wins out of the three events. We’re just glad Nick is okay, and we commend the guys for giving it their all.

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