The ‘Go-Big Show’ Semifinals End With A BIG Surprise

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The Go-Big Show on TBS returned on Thursday night for its third and final semifinals episode. The talent show features extreme talents not frequently seen on other competition shows.

This week’s episode featured six performances from acts who made it through the first round. Only one of the night’s performers was chosen to move on to the finals.


One of the most memorable acts of the night had the judges covering their eyes. The show also surprised the judges with a twist at the end of the episode. Check out the night’s performances below.

WATCH Tonight’s ‘Go-Big Show’ Semifinals Performances

Orissa Kelly

In Orissa’s first performance, she shot a flaming arrow with her feet. This time, her legs were on fire as she shot the arrow. Cody Rhodes said it was his favorite performance he’s seen, calling it “mind-blowing.” The judges gave her a score of 95.

Kevin King

Kevin’s first act involved jumping over several vehicles in a monster truck. This time, he decided to jump through an RV. Jennifer Nettles said it was “impressive” and “fantastic,” but Snoop Dogg expected more. The judges gave him a score of 88.


Andrew S.

In his first performance, Andrew lifted Rosario Dawson using his face. He performed an even more dangerous stunt this time, as he swung through the air supported by his neck with a sword down his throat.

The judges gave Andrew a standing ovation. Rosario said it was “spiritual.” Andrew got a score of 98, meaning he was the winner of the first round and had a chance at a spot in the finale.

Rider & Bethany

This couple returned to the stage to perform with flaming lassos. Rider even cracked whips around Bethany while blindfolded. Cody praised him for putting his lasso back together during the performance. The judges gave them a score of 90.

Chris Joyce

Chris returned with a performance in which he walked on a treadmill using his hands while holding weights. He finished things off by balancing on one hand on a longer weight. Rosario said it felt like a “shift down” from his first routine. The judges gave him a score of 84.


James Jean

In his first performance, James curved an arrow to hit a target. This time, he bounced an arrow on a ramp to hit his target. Then he hit five balloons with five arrows shot all at once. The judges gave James a score of 93.

Out of the second half of performers, James Jean received the highest score. The final decision came down to him and Andrew S. Ultimately, the Go-Big Show judges chose to send Andrew to the finals.

Who Is The ‘Go-Big Show’ Wildcard Performer?

The judges were surprised to learn they got to choose a wildcard from semifinalists James Jean, Kurtis Downs, and Reckless Ben — the runners-up in all three semifinals episodes. They ultimately chose to send Kurtis to the finale. We’ll get to watch it all go down in next week’s show.


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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