‘Go-Big Show’ Contestant Breaks A World Record In The Semifinals

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The Go-Big Show on TBS returned on Thursday night for its first semifinals episode. The talent show features extreme talents not frequently seen on other competition shows.

This week’s episode featured six performances from acts who made it through the first round. Only one of the night’s performers was chosen to move on to the finals. Check out the night’s performances below.

Watch This Week’s ‘Go-Big Show’ Semifinals Performances


This strongman impressed the judges in his first performance by showing just how much weight he could lift. Tonight, he returned to the stage to spin a heavy flaming log on his back. He even balanced it with his teeth!

Rosario Dawson said she felt “blessed” to witness it. Snoop Dogg said it seemed like a finale performance. The judges gave Tulga a score of 95.

Krystal Kurio

This sideshow performer shocked the judges in her first performance by lying on a bed of nails with Cody Rhodes standing on top of her. Tonight, she returned to perform a stunt involving broken glass. She jumped on the shards with a sword down her throat.


Cody, who assisted her with the stunt, said she was shaking, which scared him. Jennifer Nettles said she loved Krystal’s “energy” and “passion.” The Go-Big Show judges gave her a score of 90.

Dejion Taylor

This scooter act showed off some amazing flips in his first performance on Go-Big Show. This time, he returned to perform without landing pads, showing some seriously impressive mid-air moves that seemed to defy gravity.

Snoop Dogg praised his professionalism. Jennifer said he would inspire kids watching. The judges gave Dejion a score of 91.

Out of the first three performers, Tulga received the highest score. This put him in the top two for the night.

Reckless Ben

This slackline performer stripped down to his underwear in his first performance. This time, he was just as naked, as he tried to break a world record for flips while the judges shot at him with Nerf guns. He beat the record and actually doubled it!

Cody said he loved it, adding that he liked that Ben got the judges involved. The Go-Big Show judges gave him a score of 92.

Ben Blaque

This crossbow performer wowed the judges in his first performance. Tonight, he returned to the stage to do something he’s never done before. He shot balloons held by his assistant, who was hanging from the ceiling and spinning.


Rosario complimented his showmanship, and said she was curious to find out what he’d do in the finals. The judges gave Ben a score of 90.

Chris Cheng

In his first performance, this performer shot at targets to create music. This time, he made things more complicated by shooting “The Star-Spangled Banner” in honor of his military family.

Cody said he “hated the act,” saying he couldn’t hear the notes. He called it “sensory overload.” The judges gave him a score of 67.

Out of the second half of performers, Reckless Ben received the highest score. The final decision came down to him and Tulga. Ultimately, the Go-Big Show judges chose to send Tulga to the finals.


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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