‘The Four’s Evvie McKinney Pays Tribute To Aretha Franklin

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As we all know the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, passed away recently. It could be argued that she was the greatest singer of R&B and soul ever. In fact, if you don’t agree you are wrong. So, when the Memphis Music Hall of Fame decided to honor her, they had to find someone who could sing those songs. They had to look no further than Memphis’ own Evvie McKinney.

Evvie won the first season of The Four and has been popping up on stages all over the U.S. This keeps her visibility going, which is more than a lot of the shows do for their winners. There is no doubt that Evvie has got some pipes on her and she showed it on Thursday night at the induction ceremony in Memphis. Evvie did a medley of Aretha’s songs which ended in a virtuoso performance of Natural Woman. When she was done, the whole place went nuts. What a way to honor a musical icon. Aretha’s grandson Jordan Franklin accepted the award on her behalf. Though it was a local event, I feel like it’s just another step in making Evvie a household name. God knows she deserves all of her success.

But I wonder, as great as she is, if Evvie has missed her calling in life. Yesterday she took to Instagram and did a long sermon on Instagram Live. We listened to it here in the office. She’s so passionate about her faith that I told Mel that maybe Evvie should actually be a pastor. She could always combine the two things and have a Gospel music ministry. That’s the thing about Evvie. It’s hard to see her being as successful in the secular world. There are probably a lot of things she’ll be asked to do that she is uncomfortable doing. It’s just a suggestion, Evvie, but maybe you should think about combining your two passions?


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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