The 10 Most Viral Auditions in ‘America’s Got Talent’ History

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After airing for more than 15 years, America’s Got Talent remains as one of the highest-rated and most-watched reality television series on NBC. Some of the countless auditions on the show remain fan favorites and are viewed more times than the rest. Here are the 10 most viral auditions in AGT history.

10. Aaralyn

Upon first look, the brother and sister duo of Aaralyn and Isaiah O’neil looks to be the most adorable contestants that day. The act got buzzed by judges Mel B and Howard Stern, the latter claimed he liked the act only buzzing it due to worry. Currently, their performance has 44 million views on YouTube.

9. Nightbirde

Nightbirde is the singer that won everyone’s hearts with her emotional backstory and audition performance. Singing her original song moved the judges, especially Simon Cowell who pressed the Golden Buzzer after her performance. Sadly, Nightbirde lost her battle with cancer and she passed away on February 19, 2022, at the age of 31. Her iconic performance currently has more than 48 million views.

8. Special Head

Special Head’s audition is one of the most unpredictable acts in AGT. He started with doing Tuvan throat singing which annoyed Stern who pressed the buzzer on the act. In the end, Stern took back his decision to buzz the act and voted “yes,” along with the other judges. Special Head’s audition has been viewed over 49 million times on YouTube.

7. Mandy Harvey

Mandy Harvey is a singer that has lost all hearing for over 10 years due to a connective tissue disorder. Her audition consisted of singing an original song she wrote while playing the ukelele. The difficulty in doing her act with a disability amazed the judges and Cowell pressed the Golden Buzzer. The audition currently has over 51 million views on YouTube.

6. Joseph Allen

In one of the most inspirational performances on the show, Joseph Allen was able to pour his heart out by singing an original song. His performance received a standing ovation from the judges and the crowd watching and Howie Mandel pressed the Golden Buzzer with his foot. His performance currently has over 52 million views on Youtube.

5. Courtney Hadwin

Coming out on stage during her audition is the shy 13-year-old singer Courtney Hadwin. Hadwin admitted that she was nervous before starting her audition. She started singing and dancing to the song “Hard to Handle,” by Otis Redding. Mandel was impressed with her performance and pressed the Golden Buzzer sending her to the live shows. The performance currently has over 58 million views on YouTube.

4. Sacred Riana

Sacred Riana is an Illusionist with a horror-themed act. Her audition consisted of placing several pictures of suicide victims at the judges table. Mel B then chooses the name Bob who is the correct suicide and murder victim. Her act got buzzed by Cowell but received three “yes,” votes from the other judges. Her audition was viewed over 86 million times on YouTube.

3. Darci Lynne

Ventriloquist and singer Darci Lynne is the eventual winner of season 12 of AGT. Her audition was performed with her puppet Petunia, they both sang “Summertime,” by George Gershwin. Judge Mel B pressed the Golden Buzzer after her performance. Her audition currently has over 93 million views.

2. Grace VanderWaal

Singer Grace VanderWaal is the winner of AGT season 11 being only 12 years old at the time. During her audition, she sang an original song titled “I Don’t Know My Name,” while playing the ukelele. Mandel pressed the Golden Buzzer on her, and Cowell revealed he also planned on pressing it but Mandel beat him to it. VanderWaal’s audition currently has over 116 million views on YouTube.

1. Kenichi Ebina

Kenichi Ebina is a Japanese dancer who won season 8 of AGT. He performed a Matrix-inspired dance routine during his audition. All four judges voted “Yes,” on his performance sending him to the next round. Ebina’s audition is currently the most viewed AGT audition on YouTube with over 126 million views.

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