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Terry Crews Unveils ‘Super Serious,’ His New Creative Company For Business Ventures

Terry Crews on the 'America's Got Talent All-Stars' Red CarpetPhoto by Unique Nicole/Getty Images

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Terry Crews, the dynamic former pro athlete turned actor-TV host, has embarked on a remarkable venture that merges creativity, entertainment, and advertising. Enter Super Serious, an unconventional creative company co-founded by Crews. The celebrity’s company challenges the traditional agency model and redefines the boundaries of storytelling.

Terry Crews Debuts Super Serious Company In Partnership With Impossible Foods

With Super Serious, Crews collaborates with industry veterans Matt O’Rourke and Paul Sutton, aiming to blur the lines between advertising and entertainment. The team’s vision is to create captivating experiences across various artistic domains, including TV, movies, concerts, art installations, and live events.

Super Serious’s first client is none other than Impossible Foods, the plant-based pioneer. The agency’s nimble structure and quick reflexes make it an ideal partner for Impossible Foods’ summer campaign. Leslie Sims, Impossible’s Chief Marketing and Creative Officer, was drawn to Super Serious’s ability to adapt and assemble talented creatives swiftly.

Crews’ extensive background in commercials, coupled with his passion for diverse creative pursuits, serves as the foundation for Super Serious. The America’s Got Talent host cherishes the immediacy and cultural impact of advertising. He also emphasizes the importance of taking risks and leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

One memorable example of Super Serious’s captivating approach was witnessed at this year’s SXSW festival. Crews, embodying his beloved character from the film Idiocracy, staged a mock presidential campaign announcement. The event showcased Super Serious’s ability to engage and immerse audiences, setting the stage for the company’s future projects.

Authenticity is a guiding principle for Super Serious. Crews, known for his unwavering integrity, refuses opportunities that do not align with his values. As a result, Super Serious avoids certain product categories like alcohol and gambling. The company also stressed the importance of genuine connections with audiences.

Impossible Foods Released Their First Campaign After The Partnership

Impossible Foods, in collaboration with Super Serious, has released its first campaign titled “Making Meat History.” Departing from its previous marketing strategies, this campaign takes a comedic approach to showcase the distinctions between meat and plant-based alternatives.

Directed by Jake Scott, the 90-second musical advertisement debuted during the Tony Awards on June 11, 2023. It humorously portrays the extensive history of meat, with a musical “historian” introducing plants as a “new animal.” The goal is to communicate to consumers that choosing plant-based products doesn’t mean giving up the taste and also the enjoyment of meat.

Leslie Sims, Chief Marketing and Creative Officer of Impossible Foods then expressed that Impossible products are delicious, offering numerous benefits. This campaign represents a strategic shift for the brand, as it also embraces sustained traditional advertising to engage new audiences.

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