American Idol Recaps

The Talent Recap Show Ep. 21: ‘American Idol’ Premieres, Katy Perry Is Lonely, And ‘Wig’

Mel and I dive into our special edition of The Talent Recap Show where we discuss the premiere of American Idol. After two years away, the OG talent competition show returned with new judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan. One thing is clear: this is Katy Perry’s rodeo.

She did everything. She flirted, she danced, and even exposed herself accidentally for the cameras. Luckily, the editor had a handy American Idol logo to cover up her hoo-ha. Katy is drawing attention a bit from the talent, some of which was really great and some who were just OK. All-in-all I think the show is still finding its voice…er…you know what I mean.

We also discussed the meaning of the word wig and how it pertains to performances. We also speculate on how Simon would have reacted to some of the more terrible contestants.