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Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas To Engage in an “Exhausting” 4-Day Custody Mediation

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Legal counsels for Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas met in Manhattan federal court on Tuesday, agreeing to a four-day mediation. The estranged couple is now set to resolve some of their custody issues and forge a basic parenting plan for the sake of their daughters.

Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas Agreed to a 4-Day Mediation

On Tuesday, Turner’s lawyer Stephen Cullen said in court that her team will go “full hog” to fix the matter during the planned Manhattan-based mediation. Invoking Hague Convention Treaty Laws, the actress essentially aims to seek for an “amicable resolution” in the case.

For Jonas’ legal team, mediation will also be a favorable idea. The singer’s lawyer Richard Min added that they are “optimistic they have given space to mediate, and four days is enough time.”

Both parties are seeking to determine custody in the wake of Jonas’ filing for divorce in Miami last September. As per legal experts, the estranged couple will both benefit from working out their issues in private mediation.

“Mediation is clearly a common way to make headlines disappear,” L.A.-based family law specialist Steve Mindel stated.  “At this point, Joe and Sophie have to sit down and make a decision — and the mediator will help them make that decision — as to whether or not they want to really be public with this.”

When mediation begins on Wednesday, the two will have to agree on their basic parenting plan. The process, apparently, will be tiring for the couple mentally.

“Regardless on Zoom or in person,” Mindel said. “They start at 9 a.m. and if the mediator is making traction, you might go to 8, 9, or 10 o’clock at night. To do that four days in a row would be exhausting.” By clearing four days, he notes, “both Joe and Sophie are committing an amazing amount of resources to solve this.”

If Jonas and Turner can come up with an amicable custody agreement, it will last until their daughter Willa, their eldest, attends Kindergarten. The agreement will likely change afterwards, as the couple has to reevaluate based on their children’s schooling needs.

His Alleged Wrongful Detention of Their Kids Will Begin Next Year

Ahead of their mediation schedule, a federal court has set the trial date regarding their child detention issue. The judge scheduled the hearing on January 2. The case will decide whether or not Jonas wrongfully detailed their children, three-year-old Willa and 14-month-old Delphine in the US. Turner previously argues that Jonas withheld their kids’ passport.

The January trial date was finalized after Jonas and Turner’s legal teams made both ends meet regarding their other commitments. The date included thought of both Jonas’ tour dates and Turner’s UK work plans.

Turner’s lawyer estimated that it will take two-and-a-half days for the trial to end. According to Cullen, the case must focus on where the children’s habitual residence was. However, Jonas’ lawyer, Min disagreed, saying that a week-long trial is necessary.

“These are two individuals who have a lot of family, friends, social contacts and business relationships that factor into their decision making and their discussions,” said Min.

Currently, both Jonas and Turner have access to their children. While the case is pending, Willa and Delphine are now residing in New York with the Game of Thrones actress.

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