Meghan Trainor ‘Songland’: This Song is Guaranteed to Get Stuck in Your Head

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This week, Meghan Trainor searches for a catchy tune to be her next hit on Songland. And just from the preview, these songs will definitely be stuck in your head!

Here are the four songwriters hoping their song will be Meghan Trainor’s next single.

Brandin Jay

Brandin Jay is a singer-songwriter, actor, playwright, director and choreographer from Atlanta, Georgia. He studied at Berklee College of Music, but has since moved to Marietta. He has worked with Justin Bieber and has penned songs for artists like Fifth Harmony and Keke Palmer, according to his bio.

Brandin’s original song is called “No Money Alright” and it’s about how you don’t need money to have fun. He has a lot of personality and spunk, which works with Meghan’s vibe. After his performance, Brandin says his dreams are “literally coming true” in the clip. The mentors and producers work together to change the lyrics to be more fitting to Meghan. They also make it less “church-y” and more dark.


KOLE graduated from UCLA in 2017 and has been songwriting with producers and artists ever since. She even wrote and featured on “Move All Night” by Autograf, which peaked at #30 on the Billboard Dance Charts! You can see a preview of her song and original performance on PopSugar. The vibe is right in line with what Meghan Trainor does so it could be a perfect fit. She even does the talk/rapping in the song like Meghan is known for! With the right mentor, this could be a hit.

Josh Wood

In many of Songland‘s previews/trailers for the season, Josh Wood was seen talking about how Meghan Trainor is his favorite artist, so he can’t believe he’s singing for her. Well this week, we see him in action! Josh is an LA-based songwriter and native of Sunnyvale, CA, according to his website. He has always looked up to icons like Sade, Janet and Michael Jackson, TLC, and more pop acts of the late ’90s. Since going to college for Music, Josh has written for several artists and developed talent for American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and The Four. Most notably, it seems like he was the one who discovered/mentored Catie Turner! Now, it’s his chance to be in the spotlight.

Zachary Kale

Zachary also has a tie to American Idol: he co-wrote “I Hope” for Gabby Barrett! He is a songwriter and producer at Sony ATV Music Publishing Nashville. So much for these being amateurs, am I right? Anyway, Zachary is originally from Alabama but now lives in Nashville. He seems to write more pop music now but started in Christian/gospel music. Zachary has also written songs for well-known artistes like Florida Georgia Line and Elevation Worship Group.

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Kyle Montplaisir
Kyle Montplaisir

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