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Simon Cowell Reveals the Real Reason Jennifer Hudson Got Eliminated From ‘American Idol’

Simon Cowell, Jennifer Hudson on The Jennifer Hudson ShowThe Jennifer Hudson Show

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Simon Cowell reveals what he believes is the real reason behind Jennifer Hudson’s elimination from season three of American Idol. Amidst all of the controversy, speculations, and theories surrounding Hudson’s elimination, Cowell chalks it up to poor song choice.

Cowell Blames the Song Choice as the Reason

Hudson’s new talk show The Jennifer Hudson Show, recently aired the first episode with Cowell as her guest. Having met each other when Hudson competed in American Idol back in 2004, they revisited the events that happened 18 years ago.

Cowell brought up the elimination night where Hudson who was a favorite to win at the time, made her final performance. This marks the first time that the pair publicly discussed the topic nearly two decades after Hudson was eliminated.

“That night I will never forget,” Cowell said. “Who chose stupid Barry Manilow week? It wasn’t me.”


He continued, stating that the song choices were not to his liking. Hudson sang Manilow’s “Weekend In New England,” which was not a great song according to Cowell.

The former American Idol judge made it clear that it was not Hudson’s fault and that the song was to blame for what happened. Disproving several theories that popped up at the time of Hudson’s elimination.

Cowell Flips the Script on the Talk Show Host

As the show went on, Cowell took the opportunity to ask Hudson if she would have picked a different song for the competition. Since Hudson didn’t expect the question, she stated that it was a good question, then explained how she felt about singing it.

She made it clear that she does not regret singing “Weekend In New England,” for her final performance in the show. Instead, she wishes that she could have sung a song that represents her better. She clarified that she was okay with getting eliminated, as long as she got the opportunity to display who she was as an artist.

“The competition may be over but your passion isn’t, your love and your drive isn’t,” Hudson said confidently.

The singer’s determination was ultimately what led to her rise in fame following the American Idol run. Just this year Hudson recently earned EGOT status, after taking home a Tony Award for producing A Strange Loop. Securing The Jennifer Hudson Show confirms that the singer is a highly successful and multi-talented Hollywood personality.

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