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Jennifer Hudson to Feature Former ‘American Idol’ Judge Simon Cowell in Her Talk Show Premiere

Jennifer Hudson at the 75th Annual Tony Awards, Simon Cowell on the 'America's Got Talent' red carpetPhoto by Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic, Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage

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Jennifer Hudson will dig into her past in American Idol for the premiere of the The Jennifer Hudson Show. The EGOT recipient will feature Simon Cowell as the first guest of her new talk show. Since these two have quite the past, fans are eager to witness their reunion.

Jennifer Hudson Says Simon Cowell is on Her Guest Wish List

Apparently, the former American Idol judge has been one of Hudson’s dream guests for The Jennifer Hudson Show. In a recent interview, she explicitly mentioned that she likes the idea of Simon Cowell having to sit and have a conversation with her on the show.

“I think it would be so interesting,” she expressed. “Idol was 18 years ago so why not? I think people will be interested who have followed my journey for 20 years.”

The EGOT winner believes that having to reunite with the American Idol judge who helped jumpstart her career will be awesome. She even went on with a quip stating, “It’s like uh-huh! Now Simon you’re sitting on my couch!”

Fans are not unfamiliar with Hudson’s beginnings in the entertainment business and Cowell’s part in it. Subsequently, Cowell was known to be Hudson’s harshest critique in American Idol.


Cowell Did Not Hudson as An American Idol Star

For those who may not remember, Cowell was one of the judges sitting on the American Idol panel while Hudson was competing on the show. In American Idol season three Hudson was ultimately unsuccessful and Cowell was her biggest critic.

“I’m going to sum this up for you: I think you’re out of your depth in this competition,” Cowell said on the show.

Despite other judges’ objection against his unkind words, Cowell stood on his opinion that Hudson was not fit to proceed to the talent show.

“She can sing. The problem is there are people who are better than her, and I don’t think you’re capable of doing anything better to have any chance of winning this competition,” he continued.

Understandably, fans had damned Cowell for Hudson’s early finish and regarded him as the reason why America failed to vote for her talent. Consequently, Hudson placed seventh in the competition series. Nonetheless, this unsatisfactory result did not prevent the singer from claiming a flourishing career.

Later on, Hudson has absolutely proven Cowell wrong. Earlier this year, she entered as the newest member of the elite EGOT club after winning at the 75th Tony Awards for producing the musical A Strange Loop. This award cemented her EGOT status, earning her the “grand slam” of entertainment awards which not many artists have achieved in their lifetime.

Fans Anticipate a Riveting Sit-Down Conversation Between the Two

Upon finding out the news, fans shared their excitement for the show’s premiere. Several have reminisced the twos memorable moments in American Idol, especially Cowell’s bleak statements against Hudson.

“This is how I’m trying to rub my success in peoples’ faces,” a fan posted.

Another fan called the premiere of Hudson’s talk show as the “reunion we all needed.” Others hope that Cowell will apologize to Hudson for his blunt comments before. On the flipside, other fans acknowledge that Cowell’s comments were actually a big portion of Hudson’s success.

“Cannot wait for this! Everyone always gives Simon a hard time, but he was the one who really challenged her — and she rose to the challenge! This is going to be GOOD,” a Twitter user wrote.

Despite these comments circulating the internet, the powerhouse singer guesting Simon Cowell on the premiere of The Jennifer Hudson Show seemed to imply that she has not held any grudges against Cowell.

The Jennifer Hudson Show will be streaming on September 12, coinciding with Hudson’s 41st birthday. Her series will encompass music, topical stories, celebrity interviews, and viral sensations.

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