Simon Cowell Ends Shocking Audition with Janet Jackson Look-alike


Kiki Piesare had the looks and personality to be a superstar. The mother of three even said that people constantly compare her to Janet Jackson and ask her for photos. The singer claims she started singing at age 12 and after being told for years to audition for the X Factor she finally did it. The judges were excited to hear her sing and believed she would be their next star, but her audition was the complete opposite.

Kiki Piesare’s Shocking Audition Disappoints Cowell

Performing one of Simon Cowell’s favorite songs, “One Night Only” from the movie Dreamgirls, Kiki delivered a very off-key version of the song. The judges let her continue singing hoping she would improve, but that wasn’t the case. Even the audience is quiet while listening to her because they all expected to hear her hit some high notes.

Nobody was more shocked than Kiki to hear that the judges weren’t really feeling her voice. Robbie Williams let her down nicely telling her, “Kiki you radiate loveliness, unfortunately, you can’t sing.” The 29-year-old was confused to hear that, which continued with the other judge’s critiques.

“Your singing wasn’t up to scratch, but at least you had your moment to sing ‘One Night Only’ in front of all these lovely people,” said Louis Tomlinson.

Nobody was more disappointed than Cowell who told Kiki that he really believed she was going to be good and even told the judges he had high hopes for her after she left the stage.


Maryelin Ramos
Maryelin Ramos

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