Simon Cowell Daddy Shamed By Comedian For Not Changing Eric Cowell’s Diapers Even Once

A British comedian named Paddy McGuinness recently criticized Got Talent judge Simon Cowell for his parenting style. In particular, Paddy had a problem with Simon’s approach to changing diapers.

At one time, Simon admitted that he hadn’t changed his son Eric’s diapers as a baby. Read on to find out what Paddy said about Simon, and whether the music mogul ever got acquainted with the changing table.

Paddy McGuinness Criticizes Simon Cowell’s Parenting

Paddy McGuinness, who hosts the British game show Take Me Out, recently told The Sun that he prefers to be a hands-on parent to his three kids with wife Christine Martin. Paddy threw shade at Simon Cowell when talking about it.

“I remember seeing something when Simon Cowell had his son, talking about how he doesn’t even think about doing nappies,” Paddy said, “he’s never done a nappy ever, and I kind of think, you’ve got to earn your parenting stripes, you’ve got to do that.”


Paddy added, “You’ve got to get poo under your fingernails, covered in p**s and everything else and spew and what have you. If you’ve not done that you’ve never fully embraced the whole thing.”

“I feel as though as a person it makes you stronger as well, because of all that stuff you have been through,” said Paddy, who has also been outspoken about his children having autism.

Did Simon Really Not Change Eric’s Diapers?

Eric Cowell is almost seven now, but when he was a baby, his dad admitted to not changing his diapers. He told Sky News in 2014, “I feed Eric, I talk to him and play with him, but I don’t think dads do changing nappies. I’ll leave that up to the nanny.”


The next year, however, Simon apparently changed his mind about the smelly task. During an interview with his ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour for Extra TV, Simon was asked if he had changed a diaper yet. He replied, “Yes, quite a few.”

Simon has become quite the doting dad over the years. He and son Eric are even working together on a children’s book series called Wishfits, based on an idea they came up with together. Simon has also taken Eric to work with him on set of BGT and AGT.


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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