MUST-SEE Adorable Photos Of Simon Cowell’s Son Eric On Halloween

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While Simon Cowell is on the mend from his electric bike accident, he didn’t skip out on having some Halloween fun this year. The ‘AGT’ judges son Eric Cowell attended a Halloween party along with his ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour’s daughter Coco. Terri documented some adorable photos on Instagram that you need to see.

Simon Cowell’s Son Eric Dressed In An Awesome Halloween Costume

Eric dressed as Branch from the Trolls franchise while Terri’s daughter Coco dressed as Poppy. Eric painted his entire face blue to get into character while Coco painted her face pink. Terri tagged Simon and his girlfriend Lauren Silverman in the post as Eric and Coco looked like they had the time of their lives. In an Instagram story, Eric and Coco danced along to one of the songs from the Trolls movie. Eric definitely had some awesome danced moves.

The party was full of spooky treats that were displayed on a mock graveyard. They had miniature pizzas with eyeballs on them, mummy hotdogs and spaghetti with fake eyeballs in it. For dessert, guests indulged in adorably decorated donuts, chocolate pudding made to look like dirt with gummy worms coming out of it and cookies that looked like monsters.


Terri thanked Simon and Lauren in her Instagram story for “making Halloween so fun and special for our little trolls.” News outlets initially reported that the party was at Terri’s house but the Instagram story might point to Simon and Lauren as the hosts of the party. Still, it looks like one fun party. A balloon archway lined the garden outside where the party was held.

Simon has maintained a close friendship with Terri over the years and their kids have taken a liking to each other as well. Terri often hangs out with Lauren and the pair have nothing but love for each other.

Simon Hopes To Return To Television Soon

Simon was previously recovering at his Malibu home after falling off of his electric bike in August. He underwent a six-hour surgery to have a metal rod placed in his back after breaking it in three spots. If you want to know more about the accident and the process of his recovery, check out the video below. We give you all of the insight along with how Lauren waited outside of the hospital for Simon in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and how his recovery meant he could spend more time with Eric at home.

But Simon has been doing way better, even stepping out in public twice since the accident. He is eyeing a return to ‘BGT’ in January. “He’s come on in leaps and bounds recently, thanks to letting his body heal, a healthy diet and some California sun” a source told The Sun. “He’s also enjoyed being surrounded by his family. But he loves his job and is raring to go, especially as ‘BGT’ offers so much joy and light entertainment in dark times.”

“The panel are all really excited to have him back, though they thought Ashley did a great job and he’ll definitely perform on the show again next year with Diversity” the source continued. Simon previously missed both the ‘AGT’ and ‘BGT’ live shows. On ‘BGT’ he was replaced by former contestant Ashley Banjo on the judging panel but it seems like Simon is ready to have his spot back.


Hopefully on this season of ‘BGT’ we will get to see more adorable cameos from Eric!


Samantha Agate
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