Nicole Scherzinger STORMS OFF Over Simon Cowell’s ‘X Factor’ Decision

Jill O'Rourke | Talent Recap

X Factor UK judge Nicole Scherzinger got pretty ticked off at Simon Cowell during the Six Chair Challenge in 2017. She was so mad at him that she actually grabbed her jacket and walked off the set.

It all had to do with the decisions Simon made about which groups should continue in the competition and which should be sent home. Check out all the drama in the video below, and read on to learn more.

Nicole Scherzinger Clashes With Simon On ‘X Factor’

Simon Cowell was in charge of whittling the Groups category down to six acts during the Six Chair Challenge in 2017. Nicole Scherzinger clearly disagreed with some of Simon’s choices during the round, and made her opinion known to him.


At one point, she told a girl group that they were “more prepared to go further in this competition” than a group Simon had already chosen for one of the chairs. “Thanks, Nicole. Thank you very much,” Simon said sarcastically. “Not your category.”

Nicole was a fan of a boy band called JBK, calling them her “Filipino brothers.” Although Simon gave them a seat at first, he later had them perform a sing-off with a girl group called Lemonade to determine which of the two should stay in the competition.

The reason he did this was because he wanted one of the seats to go to another girl group, called New Girl Band, made up of singers who had been rejected in Sharon Osbourne’s category. He even added a girl from another rejected group at the last minute.

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Nicole Walks Off Set Over Simon’s Decision

After the sing-off between JBK and Lemonade, Simon announced that Lemonade would keep their seat in the Six Chair Challenge. That meant that Filipino boy band JBK would have to go home.


Nicole Scherzinger was so disappointed in this decision that she immediately stood up from her chair, put her jacket over her shoulders, and walked away from the desk, shaking her head. “Don’t talk to me,” she said as she passed Simon, hiding her face with her jacket.

Simon apparently had his own issues with Nicole’s decisions later in the night, as he called her “crazy” for rejecting fan favorite singer Talia Dean. Talia later came back to the show as a wildcard in the Overs category.

Although Simon and Nicole have had their fair share of X Factor drama, they seem to be on good terms these days. In September of last year, she and boyfriend Thom Evans spent Labor Day at Simon’s Malibu home.


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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