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Morgan Wallen Appears in Surprise Cameo in Drake’s “You Broke My Heart” Music Video

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Morgan Wallen left the country universe for a bit and dipped into the hip hop world to join Drake. In a surprise cameo, the country crooner appeared in the rapper’s brand-new music video for “You Broke My Heart.”

Morgan Wallen Hangs Out with Drake in Music Video for “You Broke My Heart”

“You Broke My Heart” is a track off Drake’s For All The Dogs album, particularly the collection’s Scary Hours Edition. The breakup song music video features Wallen and Drake sharing a dinner to celebrate the country singer’s split from his ex.

“I didn’t like her. I think she might have been the wrong girl anyway,” Wallen says.

Drake then responds, “Well, what now?”

“You tell me. I’m kind of glad she gone,” Wallen said.

“God bless her. Let’s see what else is out there; that’s what we need to do,” the rapper concludes.


The song then begins playing, with the pair walking out and the hip hop star’s car. Their exes then appeared—portrayed by Grace Matthews and Taylor Morris—blowing up their vehicle. As these two women celebrate the musicians’ death from the explosion, they sing along to “You Broke My Heart.”

The visualizer was directed by Theo Skudra, with Wallen and Drake listed as co-stars in the credits. Written by several talented writers, “You Broke My Heart” is a collaboration between Aubrey Graham, Anderson Hernandez, Michael Mulé, Isaac De Boni, Alexander Morand, Kenny Thomas and Frank Wilson.

While Wallen starred in the video, his representative stated that “he is just in the music video.” In the musical aspect, it didn’t appear that Wallen contributed to the track.

A Collaboration May Be In The Works

While Wallen and Drake did not announce if there will be a future music collaboration between them, it’s not impossible. Earlier this month, Big Loud partner/Chief Executive Seth England teased a potential pairing of the Republic Records artists.

“Drake can do a hardcore R&B song, a trap rap song or a Caribbean-tinged beat global pop song,” England said. “I think Morgan is that in our genre. His voice is always going to be country even if he’s singing pop melodies, and the verses are likely to have some country imagery. But when it’s time to sing the big runs and melodies, the guy can do it. Even though he’s got a lot of older fans, he’s certainly got the young kids just wrapped around the sound right now. I don’t think that’s just a short-term thing. I think the guy’s got the ability to do that for decades to come.”

Furthermore, it’s no secret that Wallen was “a fan of hip-hop and rap music in addition to country.” As a matter of fact, the country singer previously explored the genre, collaborating with Chicago’s Lil Durk for “Broadway Girls” in 2021.

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