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Michelle Williams Reflects on Her Surprising ‘We Are Family’ Appearance

Michelle Williams with her cousin, Evandia Penix on 'We Are Family"CR: Tom Griscom/FOX

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The Masked Singer alum, Michelle Williams shared an Instagram post raving about her recent appearance on Fox’s new show We Are Family. She performed with cousin Evandia Penix, calling it a “beautiful moment” that allowed them to showcase their musical bond.

Michelle William Sings With Cousin Evandia Penix on We Are Family

Williams described the experience as “so much fun” in her social media post. She thanked hosts Anthony Anderson and his mother Doris Hancox for providing “jokes and laughter.”

The singer said she was grateful to Fox and the show for the opportunity to sing with her talented cousin from Rockford, Illinois. Their collaboration left Williams feeling uplifted.

During the episode, contestant Deven was brought to tears after guessing Williams was behind the curtain. He emotionally explained how Destiny’s Child has inspired him for years.

This outpouring inspired Williams to reflect deeply on her music’s impact. She felt taught not to fully embrace praise, knowing critics also exist. Williams took this feedback to heart, admitting her career has required “years of work.” She shared the feeling that they truly touched lives.

Williams told producers the show went “beyond just a cute new show.” It allowed fans to express her profound influence on them. Williams knew Penix would excel on We Are Family given her theater work back in Illinois. She’s consistently impressed in local productions over the years.

Penix was excited but anxious to perform live on a big stage. The welcoming environment helped ease her nerves. Even with filming delays, Penix gained insight into entertainment’s unpredictability.

What The Masked Singer Fans Like About We Are Family

Fox’s new celebrity singing show We Are Family shares some creative DNA with hit series The Masked Singer. However, fans are appreciating some of its own unique elements as well.

Viewers feel the singing talent on We Are Family is quite good so far. The show has set a high bar with voices like Destiny’s Child alumna Michelle Williams. Perhaps musical gifts run in families, benefiting these celebrity relatives.

Meanwhile, contestants on We Are Family have solid guesswork motivation. They are competing to split a $100,000 prize, so their celebrity suggestions tend to be more plausible.

On The Masked Singer, outrageous guesses for the hidden singers were once common. However, real monetary incentive grounds We Are Family guesses in reality.

The audience members also bring welcome energy trying to decipher the clues and win money. Their competitive spirit differs from The Masked Singer‘s celebrity panel just having fun.

While the verdict is still out on whether We Are Family will be a breakout hit, the premiere brought entertainment value. Watching contestants guess the identities of Williams, Joel McHale and others was enjoyable.

Upcoming episodes will reveal if viewers remain intrigued by the family singing twist and clue-based format. For now, We Are Family delivers good music and guessing game fun for fans of shows like The Masked Singer.

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