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Meet Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer ‘France’s Got Talent’ Standout, Sadeck, Mega Unity Dance Group, Also Known As Murmuration

Murmuration on 'America's Got Talent'Casey Durkin/NBC

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America’s Got Talent is back and better than ever. Now that auditions have begun, we’ve seen some pretty great contestants grace the stage. Among those auditioning is former France’s Got Talent group, Sadeck and Mega Unity, now known as Murmuration here’s everything to know about them.

Sadeck and Mega Unity made their Got Talent debut in 2021 on France’s Got Talent (aka La France a Un Incroyable Talent). On the show, it was revealed that famous dancer/choreographer Sadeck was working with hip hop dance troupe Mega Unity. Now, fans are excited to see what Sadeck and Mega Unity have to bring to the AGT season 18 stage.

Who is Choreographer/Dancer Sadeck Waff?

If this professional dancer looks familiar, it’s probably because he’s competed on AGT before! Sadeck made his AGT debut in 2018, as part of the dance group, Géométrie Variable. At the time, the french dance group was comprised of Sadeck Waff Berrabah, Bouzid Ait-Atmane, Ammar Benbouzid, and Kanon Ghetto-Style. Ahead of their time on AGT, Géométrie Variable appeared on France’s Got Talent in 2017.

Following AGT, the group appeared on American TV in 2020 for the fourth season of World of Dance, where they placed in third. A year later, Géométrie Variable won the 8th season of Tu Si Que Vales. In the same year, Sadeck joined Mega Unity on France’s Got Talent. But, Sadeck’s Got Talent journey didn’t begin with AGT, he actually competed on Arab’s Got Talent 2015, as part of the group Very Bad Team.


Who is Mega Unity?

Mega Unity is a dance troupe, founded by Studio Attitude, in Bordeaux, France. Ahead of appearing on France’s Got Talent, they had been participating in national, European and global competitions for several years. They also reportedly have worked with numerous renowned choreographers.

According to Studio Attitude’s website, Mega Unity is a dance team that was originally created in 2016. It is comprised of 60 dancers 13 years old or older. Each year, the group participates in national and global competitions. Their most recent titles are French Champions at HHI 2018, and the title of European Champions at MOD Mallorca.

What is Murmuration?

It appears that Murmuration is a show, created by Sadeck, featuring himself and Mega Unity. This show has been running in France for quite some time ahead of AGT. According to the show’s ticketing website, Murmuration “will be touring the Zeniths in 2024 with his first show MURMURATION.” The show features “More than 40 dancers will make you travel and dream for one hour and 15 minutes, all mesmerizing choreographies by Sadeck Berrabah.”

As per the group’s official Instagram announcement, this tour begins in April 2024. It’s safe to say, the group most likely wants to finish out 2023 performing in Las Vegas.

What do you think about Sadeck and Mega Unity on AGT? Let us know in the comments down below.

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