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Who Is Whatchamacallit? ‘The Masked Singer’ Prediction and All the Clues Decoded!


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The Masked Singer season 4 has promised, and delivered, bigger and better stars than ever! But none have been hairier, or better at rapping, than Whatchamacallit. He’s brought his swag and flow every week, leading judges to guess famous rappers and athletes.

But which celebrity is under the Whatchamacallit mask? Here are all the clues decoded, plus our prediction!

Whatchamacallit’s clues + his performance of “I Wish” by Skee-Lo in The Masked Singer Season 4 Group B Kickoff

Clues on ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 4

Whatchamacallit starts his first set of clues by rocketing into the sky with a rainbow following him. He says “Aye aye aye aye” as he high fives men in black, then bounces on orange Jell-O. People think he’s shy because he “lets others absorb the spotlight.” But he can “shine alone,” “dance with the stars,” “surf candy bars,” “buzz with the bees,” and “swing from the keys.” A black panther is seen in the background. Then we see a clock with a lot of mysterious symbols and numbers on it. One arrow is pointing between a 2 and a 7 and the other is circling a shrimp. There’s also a record player, khaki pants, a triangle, a “4.0,” and the Bear from Season 3 (who was Sarah Palin).

In his second set of clues, Whatchamacallit began with a shoutout to his glam squad. He says it takes “36,524 brush strokes” to make him camera ready. It’s taken him some “rough patches” to get where he is though. Green planes fly by him while he floats into the air holding balloons. At the height of his career, he was “ready to dance like never before.” We see a music staff with three “B” notes on it. He gets news about his mom being in “bad shape” on a brown shoe phone. Whatchamacallit wanted to be by her side, but he realized “my dream was her dream.” He says she’s going to “freak” when she finds out, and five 10 cent pieces are shown.

Nicole predicted Swizz Beatz. Ken threw out Damian Lillard, Kyrie Irving, or Armie Hammer as options. Robin said it could be Tyler the Creator or Terrell Owens. Jenny thought it could be Cam Newton but the other panelists claim it couldn’t be him because of the football season. Online, many guesses have centered around athletes like Damian Lillard, Lamar Odom, or Lonzo Ball, or rapper Wiz Khalifa.

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Our Prediction for Whatchamacallit On ‘The Masked Singer’

Whatchamacallit had a rap flow and rhythm that impressed the judges right from the beginning. They even praised his “familiar” voice, but couldn’t put their fingers on who it was under the mask. Looking at the clues, Whatchamacallit has to be…

GettyImages Our prediction for the Whatchamacallit, Lonzo Ball

NBA Player, Lonzo Ball!

And here’s why!

Whatchamacallit high fived four men in black in his first clues, giving a nod to the starting five in basketball. He bounces off jell-o, which could be a reference to his brother LiAngelo. He also talks about letting others “absorb his spotlight” and he has never been the star of the basketball teams he’s on. The clock in the first clues is a treasure trove of hints pointing to Lonzo too! The 2 is his jersey number, 78 is his NBA 2K rating, he had a 4.0 GPA in high school, he attended Chino Hills High School, he’s a UCLA Bruin…that should be proof enough!


But to continue on, Whatchamacallit mentioned that at the height of his career, he got news that his mom was in bad shape. This is another allusion to Lonzo, whose mom suffered a stroke. We also saw Whatchamacallit surrounded by dimes, which could be referring to his many basketball assists, also called “dimes” in slang.

Lastly, the main clues that gave him away were small ones! It was a set of three bees then a music staff reading “B B B.” Both are a nod to Big Baller Brand, a clothing company launched by Lonzo’s dad LaVar Ball. And it’s hard to point those clues to making sense about anyone else! They’re just a little too specific. And in case you didn’t know, Lonzo has had a dive into rap before!

Do you agree with our prediction about The Masked Singer Whatchamacallit? Tune in to our recap show on YouTube and don’t miss The Masked Singer, Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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