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Who is the Venus Flytrap? ‘The Masked Singer’ Prediction & Clues!

Venus Fly Trap Performs on 'The Masked Singer'CR: Michael Becker / FOX

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The Masked Singer is bringing more, more, more in season 8! They’ll have more stars, more costumes, and more shocking reveals than any season before! Thanks to new season format twists and turns, it will be a season unlike any other. But don’t worry, there will still be plenty of Ken!

One of the most unique costumes in season 8 is the Venus Flytrap. Towering over the stage, and surrounded by flies in the preview, Venus Flytrap will be trying to dodge double eliminations every week to compete for the Golden Mask! But who is under the mask? And what clues do we have so far? Let’s get into it!


Clues on The Masked Singer Season 8

This season, the only pre-season clues have been given on Instagram. Usually there’s a preview or sneak peek episode but not in season 8! For Venus Flytrap, their clue was a fly.

Then, on Hall of Fame Night, we learned a lot more about Venus Flytrap in their clues. The first one came as he walked out, that he “loves his name.” He starts by saying “becoming a Hall of Famer isn’t easy, but I’ve done it twice.” Then we see Orions Belt in the stars behind him. The first time he became a Hall of Famer was in his 20’s, but he did it again in his 40’s. Venus Flytrap is seen bathing in an ice bath full of small plastic balls and handed a gold medal. He claims that he “went down as one of the best in history.”

But he didn’t stop there! The shot pans out to show some lawn chairs, a plastic flamingo, and a yellow grill. We then see one of the men in black reading a “Weekly TV” magazine with Venus Flytrap on the cover, and another grilling a horseshoe. At the same time, Venus Flytrap mentions that everyone has had “a piece of [him] in your home at some point.” This “all-star king of reinvention” is “stepping up to the plate” on The Masked Singer! After his performance, the last clue we get is from a goat, a gold medal with “100 MILLION” written on it. He explains that he “took the punches and the blows.”

Popular Guesses for The Masked Singer Venus Flytrap

Nicole talks about how this is her favorite costume all season and Joel McHale knows “exactly who this is,” mocking Ken’s usual reaction. Leslie Jordan thought it could be Hall of Fame boxer Mike Tyson. Jenny said it’s Bo Jackson, who’s known for re-inventing himself. Nicole thinks it’s an NBA player, like Olympian Charles Barkley. Robin Thicke predicted this is definitely George Foreman and the “greatest hit a decade later” is talking about George Foreman grills.


Who is the Venus Flytrap on The Masked Singer?

The Venus Flytrap was eliminated after his first performance and revealed to be…


George Foreman!

You already have his grill in your kitchen, now his voice is back on your TV screen! I loved seeing him on The Masked Singer and thought it was such a fun and unexpected reveal. Who will be next? And will they be able to take down the Bride? Stay tuned because we’ll find out THIS Sunday!

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