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Who is the Anteater? ‘The Masked Singer’ Prediction & Clues!

Anteater on 'The Masked Singer'CR: Michael Becker / FOX. ©2023 FOX Media LLC.

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The Masked Singer is back after the World Series break last week with One Hit Wonders Night! And we’re getting FOUR all new contestants. One of the singers taking the stage is the Anteater, hoping to impress the audience and earn a spot in the next round.

But who is the celebrity behind the big snout? And what clues point to them? We’re here to go through it all!

John Oates performing “Walking in Memphis” by Marc Cohn on The Masked Singer One Hit Wonders Night

Clues on The Masked Singer Season 10

The Anteater started his clues on a yacht, explaining that he’s had a “long career, but he’s had to learn the hard way that fame isn’t everything.” It got him houses, sports cars, “R-O-C-K-ing on the yachts with the glitterati.” Then, a cougar walks up as Anteater says, “at the height of his success…[he] fell into some bad business deals.” He lost his sense of self. All the signs were telling him to “take it easy,” he claims as an angel appears in the sky.

So he traded his fancy houses for a chicken coupe! His entourage became “a donkey named Jasper.” Anteater built his dream home, even found his true love, and started a family. He’s seen walking in front of a house with a rainbow over it, then the camera pans to a box with an eye painted on it. The Anteater closed his package by saying “sometimes you have to lose it all to gain everything.” For his final clue, the Men in Black dance to “Somebody’s Watching Me,” which Anteater explains by saying he once performed “in front of 40% of the entire world.”


Popular Guesses for The Masked Singer Anteater

Ken gave the first prediction, guessing this could be Rick Springfield. But Jenny thought it seemed more like John Cougar Mellencamp. Nicole predicted it is Bryan Adams, saying that he performed at Live Aid. Online, many people agreed with Jenny that it could be John Mellencamp. Other popular guesses include John Oates and Michael McDonald.

Who is the Anteater on The Masked Singer?

Hearing his voice and all the clues, the Anteater could only be one legendary rock singer. And that is…

Getty Images NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – OCTOBER 10: John Oates performs during The Prine Family Presents: You’ve Got Gold Celebrating The Songs Of John Prine & Benefitting The Hello In There Foundation at Ryman Auditorium on October 10, 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Keith Griner/Getty Images)

John Oates!

And all the clues line up too. The judges mentioned how short he looks, and he’s noticeably smaller than Nick Cannon, and John Oates is 5’4″. Hall & Oates’ music has been classified as “yacht rock,” which explains the yacht. And the story he told in his clues also makes sense. John Oates was broke after mismanaging his money, then moved to Woody Creek, Colorado, a town with a population of less than 300. He also got remarried and had a child with his second wife.

There were many clues pointing to Hall & Oates too! “Somebody’s Watching Me” and the box with an eye on it both are nods to their song “Private Eyes.” The angel could be for “All You Want is Heaven” and the cougar for “Maneater.” And finally, Hall & Oates did perform while 40% of the world watched at the Live Aid concert in 1985.

On that note, don’t forget to tune in to The Masked Singer this Wednesday on FOX at 8/7c.

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