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‘The Masked Singer’ Reveals America’s Got Talent Sweetheart Star in the Quarterfinals!


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It’s the Quarterfinals on The Masked Singer, the show that has teen heartthrobs and iconic celebrities singing hidden behind elaborate masks. It’s television gold! And now, the top 5 will fight to stay another week and compete in next week’s Semifinals. But someone will be unmasked!

The Frog, Kitty, Rhino, Night Angel, and Turtle are performing tonight, with special guest panelist Jeff Dye. So who will be revealed? Find out in our Masked Singer Top 5 recap.

Who is the Frog?

Frog performs “Bust A Move” by Young MC in The Masked Singer Top 5

Clues: The Frog’s clues started with a screen reading “CALLING…LITTLE FROG.” Then, he explained he “struggled to find his footing” before his “kiddo” came into his life. He is seen dancing in front of French rolls. Frog said his kid “sparked a plug” in him and dances next to a bird. The whole clue package is a parody of Footloose. After each performance tonight, the characters will reveal a “borrowed package.” The Frog’s held a model airplane/jet.

Performance: Always bringing the energy, Frog was all over that stage dancing during his cover of “Bust A Move” by Young MC. And the audience was loving it! He even did some call-and-response with them. I know I’ve said this before, but I think this is the most dynamic performance we’ve seen from the Frog so far.

Judges’ Guesses: Anthony Mackie, Bow Wow, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Derek Hough

Who is the Kitty?

Kitty performs “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse in The Masked Singer Top 5

Clues: Kitty’s clues mentioned that her creativity “comes from all across the globe.” She started traveling when she was young, she explains while flying over Saint Basil’s Basilica, Mount Fuji, and the Vatican in a heart-shaped hot air balloon. Here on The Masked Singer, she’s “over the rainbow.” In her borrowed package was a bow and arrow.

Performance: Singing Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black,” the Kitty did a fun, jazzy rendition. I don’t think it was vocally her best performance, but it matched her costume and usual sass. I just missed her bigger notes this week!

Judges’ Guesses: Lea Michele, Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen, Vanessa Hudgens

Who is the Rhino?

Rhino performs “You’ve Lost That Love & Feeling” by The Righteous Brothers in The Masked Singer Top 5

Clues: In his clues, the Rhino says his wife is the reason he’s been doing well. “Before she came along, I had some major struggles.” He walked by a sign that said “HILL AHEAD, 15 MPH, $30 FINE FOR HIGH SPEED” with “HILL,” “15,” and “30” bolded. He mentions youngsters and a framed picture of three baby elephants is shown. When he talks about the love of his life, we see ballet shoes. Lastly, Rhino draws a turkey with his hand. His borrowed package is a sailor cap (worn by the Navy). Rhino says, he has worn “many different hats” but this one “hold very special meaning.”

Performance: The Rhino has proven time and time again why he’s still in the competition. And with this week’s performance of “You’ve Lost That Love & Feeling” by The Righteous Brothers, he did it again. Rhino has a great voice and his ability to stay on key while still keeping the emotion of the lyrics is one of the best this season.

Judges’ Guesses: Jason Aldean, Trace Adkins, David James Elliott

Who is the Night Angel?

Night Angel performs “Last Dance” by Donna Summer in The Masked Singer Top 5

Clues: The Night Angel says her musical journey started when she was just four years old. The camera zooms in on three lipstick cases and a map of Colombia. Her auntie noticed her singing and took her under her wing. We see some fan mail addressed to the Night Angel. She says, “you haven’t always known me for music.” Night Angel calls herself a “kid from the South.” When her borrowed package arrives, it’s a pair of snow goggles and boots.

Performance: I personally love Night Angel’s more lively performances, so this song choice was perfect! She sang “Last Dance” by Donna Summer. With a glittery background and dancers, she killed this one. And I feel like her voice just keeps getting better every week!

Judges’ Guesses: T-Boz, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, Alicia Keys

Who is the Turtle?

Turtle performs “Fix You” by Coldplay in The Masked Singer Top 5

Clues: Being the Turtle makes him feel like a “superhero.” He says he’s just an “everyday guy” as he works under the hood of a Jeep. We see a “WANTED” poster with a $1,999 reward. Then he talks about his sense of responsibility while he walks under a signal representing the bat signal. After, we see a green mop. Turtle is next seen driving with a wedding cake in the passenger seat. He says music can “bring healing,” while poker chips are shown. His borrowed package is a zombie, explaining “you may be dead wrong about who I am.”

Performance: Now THIS is how you close a show! The Turtle sang “Fix You” by Coldplay and gave us all the feels. Plus, that staging with the parachutes was epic. And he has such an impressive falsetto too. If he isn’t the front-runner, I don’t know who is.

Judges’ Guesses: Norman Reedus, Howie D, Jesse McCartney

The Kitty is REVEALED on The Masked Singer Top 5

The audience voted for their favorite performances and in the end, the Kitty was eliminated. The panelists were STUNNED! But then, they made their final guesses. Nicole said Nicole Richie, but then switched to Vanessa Hudgens. Jeff Dye thought it was “Mary-Kate and/or Ashley Olsen.” Robin predicted it’s Ashley Tisdale. Ken guessed Anna Kendrick. And going last, Jenny thought it might be Lea Michele.

Finally, the Kitty was unmasked to be…


America’s Got Talent star, Jackie Evancho!

And yet another prediction we made! But (not surprisingly), none of the judges ever guessed who the Kitty was. With that done, The Masked Singer will be back for the Semifinals with the Top 4 next Wednesday at 8/7c on FOX.

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