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Luke Bryan Explains Why He Doesn’t Want a Family Based Reality Show

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Luke Bryan and his family may have wild adventures worth-watching if filmed, but the country crooner wants to keep that part of his life private. The American Idol judge recently discussed why a reality TV show about his family wouldn’t be possible.

Luke Bryan Doesn’t See “Any Necessity” in Doing a Reality TV Show with His Family

During his appearance on Audacy’s Katie & Company, Bryan opened up about his recent bonding moments with his sons. For those who may not know, the “One Margarita” singer shares two kids, Thomas “Bo” Boyer and Tatum “Tate” Christopher, with his wife Caroline Bryan.

According to the country crooner, he’s successfully “brainwashed” the two to be outdoorsy. Bryan said that Tae has “gone deer-crazy.” On the other hand, Bo is still in the process of learning how to drive a four-wheeler.

Back in July, Bryan opened up about his frustration regarding his 15-year-old’s driving lessons. With this news previously making headlines, the singer joked that it’s only right as Bo needed to know he’s “terrible.”

“He’s finally got it going. He’s grown up on the farm driving side-by-sides. I just assumed that it would translate to being on the highway. It did not,” he said. “But, hey, we got him rockin’ and rollin’, and now we’re just trying to figure out what will be the first vehicle in his life. He tried to pick it out, we realized real quick, ‘You’re not getting that.'”

Clearly, Bryan and his boys have been having a good time, with the singer sharing that he’s been “feeling the pressure to be home” more often. However, despite their interesting home life, he refuses to have the same documented for a reality TV show.

“I don’t see any necessity for that,” he said. “I think we’re as famous as we want to be, and other than that, I think we’re just happy to be where we’re at.”

For the holidays, his family doesn’t have any extravagant plans. Rather, the country singer stated that they would just “hang around Nashville.” As per Bryan, their main thing for Christmas is to simply “have the family together.”

He Explains the Origin of His Signature Hip Dance Moves

Elsewhere in the podcast, Bryan talked about when he began doing his hip dance. Making sense of the entertaining moves, the singer said he does it every time he wants to loosen up on stage.

“I guess it started because I’ve always danced and had fun and been maybe a little over the top with that —even in my college years,” he said. “I’ve always felt, if I’m up there dancing and havin’ fun and not tryin’ to be so pre-meditated, that would allow all the audience to relax and be the same.”

In the interview, Bryan admitted that he learned how to put a twist on his hip rolls because of the crowd cheering.

“I think once I started getting some reactions, and as the reactions got louder and everybody reacted more I probably added a little more than I should,” he said. “I’m just doing it all in fun, especially if I see an older lady down there, like a grandma, I’ll give her a little hip-shaking just to have a little fun.”

Bryan’s 2023 has undeniably been busy, with his Las Vegas Residency occupying his schedule. Nonetheless, despite the exhaustion it gives, the singer confirmed that launching another residency might be possible.

“I think at some point I’ll probably try to do that [a Vegas Residency] again,” he said. “Or do it at a different capacity.”

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