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Ken Jeong Loses His Pants, Appears in Only His Underwear on Nick Cannon’s Talk Show

Ken Jeong and Nick CannonFrederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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Nick Cannon brought all of The Masked Singer judges on his talk show to reflect on Season 6. This is Cannon’s first full week hosting Nick Cannon and he did a pretty remarkable job. The real star of this episode was Ken Jeong who seemed to have forgotten to wear pants for the interview.

Ken Jeong Goes Pantsless During ‘The Masked Singer’ Extravaganza on ‘Nick Cannon’

Cannon interviewed Jeong and Robin Thicke together over Zoom. Jeong had one of his signature sequined jackets on. He made sure to get as close as possible to the camera to drive Cannon crazy. Thicke threw some shade at Jeong when talking about filming Season 6.

“You know, I love this show so much,” Thicke said. “After the first five seasons, we really know what we’re doing and the chemistry on set is better than ever besides Ken.”

Cannon remarked that he wished all of the judges were there live in his Harlem studio.

“I’m coming Nick, I just have to get the rest of your shoes because apparently, I did not know you were operating a Foot Locker retail in the background,” Jeong said.

Cannon has his own shoe wall on the set of Nick Cannon. He is known for his sparkly footwear and wanted to display his shoe collection in the background of his show. Cannon said that Jeong is always making fun of his shoes on The Masked Singer set. For Jeong’s birthday one year, Cannon bought him a pair of sparkly shoes.

“Real talk it was the best gift ever but the shoes are too big because my feet are so small,” Jeong admitted. “They’re like boats. They’re like cubic zirconium boats.”

Cannon showed his glittery shoes off to the camera. Jeong was inspired to show his footwear to the camera too. He was actually only wearing socks. In the process of lifting his leg up, Cannon realized that Jeong wasn’t wearing any pants. He got up multiple times to block the screen whenever Jeong showed off his underwear.

“Shows how much love and admiration he has for me, he shows up to my show in his draws,” Cannon said.

Jeong Continued His Antics Later on in the Show

Nicole Scherzinger and Jenny McCarthy were also interviewed together by Cannon over Zoom. Their interview was way calmer than Jeong and Thicke’s. It probably will not come as a shock that McCarthy still has not gotten over the embarrassment of not recognizing her husband, Donnie Wahlberg, last season.

“You have no idea the amount of people that have come up to me since that episode and said, ‘Oh my gosh what was wrong with you?'” she said.

Mccarthy claims to be a boyband expert and said that she should have know that “butt tail move” Wahlberg did as Cluedle-Doo on Season 5. McCarthy joked that New Kids on the Block fans know “his marshmallow butt is everything.” Cannon transitioned into talking to Scherzinger about all of her Instagram workout videos and her upcoming role in Annie Live! coming to NBC.


“I’ve been in such beautiful company with Harry Connick Jr. and Taraji P Henson,” Scherzinger said about her co-stars. “I don’t know if a lot of people know this side of me so it will be great to be able to try to do justice to this role.”

Cannon finished out the show by playing a game with all of The Masked Singer judges. He asked them a series of questions and they all had to write down their answers on a whiteboard. He asked which judge they would least want to have in their corner during a fight. Everyone, including Jeong, wrote Jeong’s name down on the board. Jeong goofed around and continued to show his underwear to the camera.

“This isn’t The Hangover,” Cannon said.

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