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‘The Masked Singer’ Recap: Dalmatian Revealed to be Superstar Rapper

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The Masked Singer Group B premiere was nothing short of epic. There were some major surprises with all of the performances tonight before superstar rapper Tyga was revealed to be the Dalmatian. Jenny McCarthy made one of the worst first impression guesses in The Masked Singer history. Season 6 is wild!

Dalmatian AKA Tyga is Nick Cannon’s Buddy

Dalmatian received a ton of hype before The Masked Singer Season 6 premiere because everyone for sure thought he was an athlete. Damlatian is the same height as Nick Cannon. Even before he performed, Cannon said that he knew who was under the mask. If he was a judge on the show, he would win the Golden Ear Trophy every season.

Dalmatian shared in his clue package that he always visualized his success growing up. We saw him lifting weights and hitting a punching bag. He shared that he always felt like an underdog and wanted to show everyone he can do anything with enough practice. Dalmatian came out rapping and he kept a really good flow throughout the performance.


Even though his performance was pretty good, Dalmatian shockingly received the least amount of votes. Cannon revealed the judge’s first impression guesses. McCarthy had written down that Steve Harvey was under the mask. Robin Thicke was so shook by her guess that he got up and walked away from the judging table. I think we all had that same reaction. Thicke took the easy way out and guessed that it was Nelly because of the sports clues and the rapping. Nicole Scherzinger agreed with him.

McCarthy’s final guess was Kevin Hart. Cannon joked that Dalmatian would be tiny if Hart was wearing the costume, Ken Jeong guessed that it was Reggie Bush. They were all so wrong. Dalmatian was revealed to be “Rack City” rapper Tyga. I knew just from the tone of his voice and his size that it was Tyga. There was literally a rack in his clue package. Plus, Tyga has been on Cannon’s show Wild ‘N Out multiple times in the past.

Cupcake Literally Shocked Everyone

Cupcake has the cutest costume of the entire season. Whoever is underneath the mask is obviously fun and doesn’t take life too seriously. There was an emphasis on two cupcakes in the clue package. Cupcake did say they were supposed to be on The Masked Singer with “some other sweet things.” This person could be from a well-known entertainment duo. The clue about sharing the spotlight could also relate to the duo.

There was one part of Cupcake’s clue package that seemed very emotional for them to talk about. Cupcake said someone they love just got some news about their health. Cupcake is doing The Masked Singer to brighten that person’s day. And the biggest shock of all is that it sounds like a male celebrity is under the mask.

I’m not really sure what the judges were hearing, but I was hearing some rich tones which definitely sounded a little like Billy Porter. Cupcake’s performance of “Heat Wave” proves that all of the pre-season guesses of Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, and Nicki Minaj were all way off the money. Cupcake did have some fun dance moves during the performance.

The vocals were honestly a little shaky but it didn’t matter because the performance was full of energy. McCarthy and Thicke both guessed that RuPaul is under the mask. I was not getting RuPaul vibes at all because Mama Ru has a bit of a higher-pitched voice. Scherzinger guessed Roberta Flack or Leslie Jones while Jeong said it is Tina Turner. Turner is a popular guess each season. The Masked Singer Group B has some strong contenders.

Banana Split Could Be Serious Contenders to Win Season 6

Banana Split is a duo costume made up of Ice Cream and Banana. Ice Cream said she got a day job and quit when she thought she got her big break. She had to beg for the job back. She called Banana her collaborator and gushed that they share the same dreams. This led into a beautiful performance of “A Million Dreams.”

Banana played the piano and Ice Cream belted her heart out. McCarthy is on the right track with her guess of Katherine McPhee and David Foster. At this point, the internet doesn’t seem to think it could be anyone else under the mask. Thicke’s late father was actually good friends with Foster. But, he went a different route guessing Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Scherzinger guessed Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling which deserves a major eye-roll emoji. They are both way too famous and busy to be on this show.

We’re probably all curious to see if Banana ever decides to sing on the show. If he sticks to playing the piano, then it is most definitely Foster underneath the mask. McPhee definitely has the vocal power to carry the team and win the entire competition. This was the best performance of The Masked Singer Group B.

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