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Kelly Clarkson’s Kids Steal the Spotlight During ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ Season Premiere

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The Season 3 premiere of The Kelly Clarkson Show kicked off with a bang. Clarkson filmed the premiere in New York this year. With a little help from some of her famous friends from the Big Apple, she started off the episode with a Kellyoke cover of “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons.

Kelly Clarkson Gushes Over Chris Martin During ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ Premiere

Clarkson emerged from the Columbus Circle train station. She danced around Central Park with a slew of celebrity guests including Aaron Tveit, Kristin Chenoweth, DJ D-Nice, André De Shields, and Neil deGrasse Tyson. They transitioned to a studio performance where Fat Joe appeared with an inspiring rap. Clarkson and Chenoweth lead a group of dancers down the stairs and onto the stage.

“I’m not saying that we’re going to ignore the realities of what’s happening around us obviously, but we do want to celebrate the wins,” Clarkson said to open the show. “I’ve had enough therapy to know that you should celebrate the wins when things look like such a word storm I can’t say on TV.”

She decided that she wanted to say “sh*tstorm” after all and commented that the word can just be bleeped out. Clarkson is a “huge fan” of her first guest, Chris Martin. Her daughter, River, is a huge fan of the Coldplay frontman too. Clarkson giggled hearing Martin’s swoon-worthy accent. He previously lived in New York and commented that it “led to a divorce.” Clarkson, who is going through her own divorce replied, “it happens to the best of us it.”


Clarkson was the biggest fangirl ever. They performed a duet of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” She swooned as Martin performed “Green Eyes” and later joined in. Martin suggested that Clarkson should go on tour with him. He started strumming her hit “Since U Been Gone” and she belted to the live studio audience. Their cover of “Pony” was equally enthralling.

Clarkson’s Children Joined Her on Stage to Sing ‘Yellow’

River, 7, absolutely loves Martin’s song “Yellow.” Clarkson has had to sing the song to River “almost every night of her life.” River and Remington, 5, made their way onto the stage. They looked so adorable. Remy had a little suit jacket on. River handed Martin a letter. She sat on Clarkson’s lap and Remy sat next to Martin.

They all decided to sing “Yellow” together. Remy said nothing but smiled for the cameras and bobbed his head back and forth. River might be following in her mother’s footsteps because it is clear she loves to sing too.

“I need to go to the bathroom,” Remy said as they were singing.


Remy ran off the stage at the speed of light. River remained on stage and smiled for the cameras. Clarkson also showed a clip of her and her kids going to the FDNY Firezone. The goal was to get them to know what to do in a situation if there is a fire. Remy was given a hat and River was given a shirt at the end of the tour.

Clarkson gave the FDNY a $10,000 donation. Felix, a firefighter in the audience, gave Clarkson an official job sweater with her name on it. Every firefighter has one so it was a very special moment.

A Tearful End to ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ Premiere

Clarkson brought out Saturday Night Live star Bowen Yang for like half a second. It was clear that this episode was all about Martin who Clarkson is obviously a huge fan of. She also brought out Arieh Smith for the last couple of minutes of the show. He went viral for his ability to speak many languages. She gifted him $1,000.

Clarkson closed out the show in tears talking about Nicole Hurst, a background singer who lost her breast cancer battle in August. Clarkson paid tribute to her by playing her song “Raging Fire.” The Kelly Clarkson Show Season 3 premiere had such a great energy and seeing the live audience was so refreshing. Clarkson has a huge heart and radiates good vibes in front of the camera. Seeing her get so emotional proves that she is one of the most down-to-earth celebrities.

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