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Kelly Clarkson Files Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker in a Semi-Truck

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Apparently, American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson is not just dealing with one alleged stalker, but two. Clarkson unfortunately has to file another restraining order to stop a man from coming to her home in Los Angeles, California.

Kelly Clarkson Wants The “Large, Imposing” Man Away From Her Home, Children

According to court filings, an unknown man allegedly appeared in Clarkson’s private property on Thanksgiving Day, riding a large semi-truck. On December 3, the man returned on foot and insisted that he’s there to meet the popstar. This man, described to be “large and physically imposing,” took the time to look over Clarkson’s house and ask for her presence.

The “Breakaway” singer’s security team stated additional details about the intruder, noting that the man looks over six feet in height and about 250 pounds. In addition, he was wearing a New York Yankee’s baseball cap and an MLB Los Angeles All-Star game t-shirt.

Understandably, Clarkson is scared that the man might cause danger to anyone around her, most especially her children. Thus, she is once again asking a Los Angeles judge to approve her request for a Temporary Restraining Oder (TRO).

“I am afraid of what he might do if he is notified of the hearing without any restraining order in place,” Clarkson wrote in a legal report. “I am in fear that he may cause harm to me, my children, or my property.”

This is not the first time this year that Clarkson encountered a scary experience with alleged trespassers. Just recently, a judge granted her a TRO against a 56-year-old woman who has repeatedly come to her home to drop off unwanted gifts.

Her Alleged Stalker Might Have Been Scammed by a Poser

Usual celebrity stalkers come up to their idol’s house and insist for a meet and greet. Strangely, Clarkson’s alleged stalker was claiming that the popstar herself asked him to come in her property. Her security team has outlined creepy details regarding their encounter with the man.

“He did not ring the doorbell, but stepped out of the view of the doorbell camera, getting up on his tippy-toes, and looking over the privacy gate, while checking his phone,” Clarkson’s security team said. “I then spoke to him through the camera system, asking him if he needed help.”

The man responded, saying that he was there for the singer. Her security team told him that Clarkson wasn’t inside. However, he showed his phone and told them that Clarkson is asking him to ring the bell.

“When I refused to let him in, he appeared to be irritated and confused, and asked: ‘Is this some kind of scam or something?’ He was getting more and more nervous as we spoke,” they wrote.

Guessing from this incident, the man might have been talking with an impersonator of Clarkson online. Seemingly, he strongly believed that he’s speaking to the real Kelly Clarkson, until he showed up at her mansion.

Her security team asked him to leave, but he still lingered in front of the property across the street. At the time, Clarkson’s children arrived in the family SUV alongside their nanny. According to the security team, the man attempted to take a photo of the SUV.

The case is currently under investigation and is scheduled to proceed in January.

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