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Keith Urban Gushes Over Wife Nicole Kidman on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’

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Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman recently celebrated their 15th year of marriage. The adorable couple recently worked together on the miniseries, Nine Perfect Strangers. While Kidman starred in the series, Urban had the job of writing one of the songs.

Urban went on The Kelly Clarkson Show to talk about his wife and the new series as a whole. Clarkson began the interview by acknowledging the rumor that the country singer originally wasn’t interested in the iconic actress romantically. Urban debunked the myth quickly, admitting that he didn’t think she would be interested in him.

“I was like there’s no way this girl was interested in me at all so someone had given me her number I couldn’t bring myself to call that number I was so.. uhm you know,” said Urban. “The point of the story was it was more just, I was nervous.”

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Celebrate 15 Years of Marriage


Now, the couple has been happily together for more than 15 years. Since they’re married Clarkson was wondering if Urban’s song in Nine Perfect Strangers was a favor to the actress or not. The singer admitted that his involvement in the project wasn’t prompted by Kidman.

“We wanted to write some songs and Nicole said you could write some songs maybe that could work in Nine Perfect Strangers… so a couple friends and I wrote a whole bunch of songs and they chose ‘Crimson Blue,'” said Urban.

The country singer noted that he talked to the director about the song’s intent before beginning to draft. The director wanted a song that is trippy, has a “Pink Floyd” feel with an eastern meditative ethereal vibe.

“We wrote ‘I never saw the sky crimson blue kaleidoscope my eyes shapes and hues’ so we may as well be high writing that song,” Urban joked.

The Voice Australia coach joked that the song gives a Alice in Wonderland vibe to match that of the series.

Was Nicole Kidman in Character 24/7 For Real?

It’s been reported that the actress was in character her Nine Perfect Strangers 24/7 during filming, but Urban confirmed that she was not that way at home. Within Nine Perfect Strangers, Kidman plays Masha, an ethereal enigmatic healer who runs the Tranquillum House, which is an idyllic health and wellness resort in Northern California.

Kidman’s acting was so good in the series that many people think she deserves an award for this role. Even though Kidman’s role is mainly creepy, Urban said that it’s a combination of sexy and creepy. He also confirmed that his wife is very serious about her acting, but doesn’t bring her acting home.

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