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‘Jonas Brothers Family Roast’ Includes Fake Pregnancy Announcement by Priyanka Chopra

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Jonas Brothers Family Roast is now available to watch on Netflix. The hour-long special, hosted by Kenan Thompson, features appearances from the brothers’ wives, as well as comedians Lilly Singh, Pete Davidson, and Jack Whitehall.

The special was full of burns, but nothing was quite as entertaining as Priyanka Chopra faking out her husband Nick Jonas by making him think she was announcing a pregnancy. There were also appearances from Nick’s fellow The Voice coaches John Legend and Blake Shelton.

Priyanka Chopra Fakes Pregnancy Announcement in Jonas Brothers Roast

Chopra took the stage to share a few jokes about her and Nick’s 10-year age difference, saying he teaches her about TikTok while she teaches him “what a successful acting career looks like.” She finished the set by saying, “I wouldn’t want to babysit — I mean, be married to anyone else.”

The actress also pointed out that they’re the only couple among the three who doesn’t have kids yet. “Which is why I’m excited to make this announcement,” Chopra said, earning gasps from the audience. “Nick and I are expecting … to get drunk tonight, and sleep in tomorrow!”

Before she got to the punch line, there was a moment where Nick looked like he genuinely wasn’t sure if she was joking or not, so he just sat there not knowing how to react. When Chopra mentioned how his face looked afterward, he admitted he was “a bit concerned.”


John Legend Sings Parody Song About the Brothers

The Voice coach John Legend, who appeared on the show with Nick for two seasons, took to the piano during the special and performed a song about his “favorite band.” Except as it turns out, his favorite band isn’t the Jonas Brothers, but rather the Beatles.

“You’re not quite the Beatles / Not quite the Beatles, though you’re really nice guys,” Legend sang about the group. “You’re pretty darn handsome / And better than Hanson / But you’ll never be the Beatles, nice try.”

Legend had the audience singing along and swaying their arms. He finished the song by telling them that they actually have it better than the Beatles in at least one respect: “But look on the bright side / You’ve got beautiful wives / Who didn’t break up the group / And none of you died.”



Blake Shelton Roasts ‘The Voice’ Co-Star Nick Jonas

Legend wasn’t the only The Voice coach to make an appearance during the special. Blake Shelton also shared a video message talking about Nick. He said he’d known the singer “for a long time … like two seasons of The Voice.”

Shelton shared the reasons he loves Nick, starting off with the fact that he’s “non-threatening.” He said labels tell their artists to drop their music whenever he has a record coming out, because there’s no competition. Shelton also said that Nick is easy to find because he posts so many selfies to Instagram.

The country star also complimented Nick’s acting ability, saying, “He acted as a competent vocal coach for two seasons on The Voice.” Ouch!

Kevin Jonas Embraces His Role as the Least Cool Brother

The award for Best Sport definitely has to go to Kevin Jonas, who endured joke after joke about him being the least famous and generally lamest of the three Jonas Brothers. It started out with host Kenan Thompson calling him the “loneliest Jonas” and joking, “Every Destiny’s Child needs its Michelle Williams.”

Then Lilly Singh said he looks like Nick and Joe’s accountant, joking that he “makes you believe that anyone can be a pop star.” She also started her roast of him by saying, “Speaking of weaknesses, Kevin is here!”

Even Kevin’s own wife Danielle Jonas got in a few digs at him. She had lost her voice, so she held up cue cards, one of which read, “At least I had a voice to lose … unlike Kevin, who sings backup vocals.” Sorry, Kevin. But thanks for inspiring so many funny burns.

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