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JoJo Siwa’s Best Looks from the D.R.E.A.M. Tour

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JoJo Siwa is finishing out the rest of the 2022 D.R.E.A.M. tour. This tour originally began in May 2019, but was mostly rescheduled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Since returning to the tour, Siwa has shared videos getting ready with her team, and we’re pretty obsessed with the ever-changing looks.

Siwa is one of those celebrities who has grown into their own style throughout the years. Even though her on-stage costumes are still filled with tons of colors and gemstones, she’s no longer sporting her signature ponytail. Dancing With the Stars introduced Siwa to new hairstyles and looks and she’s gone on to recreate them for her tour.

The singer/dancer does not have a makeup artist on her tour. Instead, she does her own hair and makeup. On top of singing and dancing, Siwa has really proven that she’s talented in creating both hair and makeup looks. Here are some of her best looks.

1. The Pink Day Look

This look was defintely one of my favorites. I think it’s one of the hardest looks she’s done, yet the result is practically flawless. The theme of this concert was pink so Siwa created this look using pink eyeliner and face paints. She ultimately ends up rocking the pink winged liner with painted hearts on her eyelids. To finish off the look, Siwa rocked a wavy pigtail half-up half-down look with rhinestones around her hairline.


ITS PINK DAY!!!💗 idk if a lot of people know this. But I do all my own hair and makeup!! (With the help of my mom to part my hair haha the one thing I can’t do by myself)😝

♬ Worldwide Party – JoJo Siwa

2. Her Red, White, and Blue Sporty Look

This is one of Siwa’s signature looks in her concerts and I absolutely love it. This is the most, “JoJo Siwa” look out of them all, it’s a fun throwback to her old look with the braid under her hat. Her hair and makeup is simple for this look. It features the singer’s hair in one braid and sparkly stars along her cheek bones. I think the stars look like stickers, but they totally could be gemstones.

3. Her Galaxy Day Look

Siwa’s Tiktok post for her galaxy day look was the biggest tease ever. Instead of her normal timelapse formatting she shared a transition video. Transition videos feature people showing of their bare face, then revealing the makeup look fully complete with a change in song or bass drop. At the end of the video, Siwa shows off her makeup that features a pink and blue based galaxy look on both her eyelids and upper cheekbones. This makeup was beautiful, so I really want to see how she created it!

4. Her New Signature Look

This is by far my favorite outfit. This is another one that the singer can be seen wearing in most concerts, so it needs to be mentioned. Everytime I see Siwa in this she’s totally glowing and it’s not just the rhinestones. Considering she wears this at most concerts her makeup isn’t always the same. Regardless, I think that this outfit shows off Siwa’s confidence on stage. She is always killing it on stage in this.

5. Her Half Face Bedazzled Look

When she first went back to the tour, she created makeup looks similar to her previous style. Even though she’s now paused on these looks I still think they’re iconic. This Tiktok was from her first rescheduled concert, so it only seems right that she returned in style. Since this performance Siwa hasn’t shared many other half face makeup looks, but I think we can all appreciate the time and skill that goes into it.


Spokane. You made me so happy tonight 🥺 thank you for a perfect first concert back.

♬ Drilla – liverpoolfans.com

Honorable Mention: Her Male Dancers’ Looks

Siwa really does the most on her tours. She’s posted multiple Tiktok vlogs that feature her doing the hair and makeup of her male dancers. The dancers have a new look each night, just like her. The original looks typically feature hair chalk, but sometimes include colorful hair extensions. Most of the time, their hair is one or more colors of the rainbow.


Come w me to Chicago!!💥

♬ Bop! – JoJo Siwa
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