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Here Are the 5 Least Popular ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Celebrity Contestants

Corey Cesare

Corey Cesare

Giselle Fernández Dancing with the starsABC

Dancing With The Stars has been on air now for 30 seasons. This show is known for having just about anyone who is popular on the show. As time goes on, celebrities can unfortunately lose their spark and in result lose popularity.

This show began before the internet was easily accessible in daily life, so I thought it would be interesting to look through which Dancing With The Stars celebrity alumni are now the least popular.

5. Monica Seles

Our first least followed celebrity is Monica Seles. She is a professional tennis player who holds multiple records in the Australian Open, French Open, and Grand Slam Tournaments. Seles was on season 6 of DWTS, which aired in 2008. She currently has 11,200 followers on her Verified Instagram page.

4. Danelle Umstead

Up next, with exactly 10,000 Instagram followers is paralympic skier, Danelle Umstead. She is apart of the U.S. Paralympics ski team and she competed at the 2010, 2014, and 2018 Winter Paralympics. Umstead was on season 27 of Dancing With The Stars, but was eliminated second so that’s probably why you don’t remember her.

3. Maurice Greene

Maurice Green has ten gold medals (two from the olympics) and has held multiple track records. He specializes in sprinting 100 and 200 meters. He was on season seven and placed fifth in the competition. His professional partner was Cheryl Burke, so I’m a bit surprised he isn’t more well-known.

2. Heather Mills

Plant-based entrepreneur and campaigner Heather Mills is perhaps best known as Paul McCartney’s ex-wife. She competed in season 4 of DWTS and now lives a vegan lifestyle. She now owns VBites Foods and Be at One Beauty.

1. Giselle Fernández

Giselle Fernández the journalist and broadcaster is so busy with the news that her personal Instagram doesn’t have many followers. Fernández has 3,972 followers and competed in the second season of dancing with the stars. She has five Emmy’s for journalism and even spent some time on Access Hollywood, but it was all in the late ’90s. She now is the anchor of Your Morning News on Spectrum 1 and hosts the Emmy-award winning series LA STORIES.

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