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The Four Season 2 premiere brought the excitement and talent that we were hungry for! The level of talent that took the stage, along with the very truthful criticism from the judges, made it very clear that this season will be fierce. 

First of all, what we love about this show is its high energy, raw emotion, and super competitive nature. And let’s be real, the cast of this show is top notch. Fergie was lookin’ fly as ever and our panel of judges, Meghan Trainor, Sean “Diddy” Combs, and DJ Khaled were swaggin’ through the roof. The Four – James Graham, Carvena Jones, Stephanie Zelaya, and Sharaya J looked ready to go!

There were tons of surprises throughout the episode. We dove right into the challengers in which our very first performer, Chris Vanny, didn’t make the cut to call out one of The Four. This set the precedent that the judges are not playin’ this time around. “This is Season 2!” hollered Diddy. This was repeated several times throughout the episode.

The First Challenge: Majesty v. Carvena Jones 

The first challenge of the night was between Majeste, who grew up in the church, and R&B artist Carvena Jones. Majeste, from Tulsa, OK, came in confident with rendition of Adele’s “Someone Like You.”  After her performance, Carvena was practically asking for the challenge when standing up to ask Majeste she wanted “to take her to church.” Ultimately, Majesty’s vocals blew away the audience eliminating Carvena Jones to replace her seat on The Four.  And you know this shook up the rest of The Four because they knew weren’t safe.


You know when you watch those contestants that you think have a really great shot? Well, Christina Castle – third challenger of the night – is a young yet experienced  female pop artist from Sydney, AU. Although she rocked her twist on Ariana Grande’s “Side to Side,” it wasn’t enough to convince the judges to keep her in. As an viewer, she seemed to be a full package but just not what the judges are looking for this time around.


The battle was on when 17-year-old Quentin Ellis took the stage crushing his own spin on Usher’s “You Got It Bad.” His performances concluded with a standing ovation from the judges so, of course, he got three blue circles to confirm his challenge. His choice: Latina artist Stephanie Zelaya. And yes, the spanish-speaking popstar brought the latin heat with mega-hit “Mi Gente” by J. Balvin. Quentin followed with a soulful rendition of Ne-Yo’s “So Sick.” The judges agreed that it was an impressive job performed by the both of them. So the audience made the tough decision which ultimately defended Stephanie’s seat on The Four. At the young age of 17, we see some great things in store for Quentin’s future.


Tonight, the internet star Rebecca Black took the stage for redemption and proved that she was no longer the 13-year-old girl from her viral music video “Friday.” She definitely surprised the audience with a unique take on NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye.” How’s that for a message to the haters?! The judges liked what they heard, and she stepped up to battle soul singer James Graham. He presented his stunning vocals singing “A Song For You” by Don Hatahway. Rebecca Black followed with 90’s hit by Natalie Imbruglia “Torn.” Both performers did a great job that they should feel proud of, according to the judges. The audience chose to keep James Graham in the competition, however, this was an emotional moment for Rebecca Black to express her gratitude and to prove to the public that she is more than “that video.” We saw a young woman, all grown up, take the stage to showcase her talent and passion. The judges and crowd showed so much love, and this is why The Four is an amazing competition show.

What a great season premiere. It was refreshing to go through the elements of surprise, competitiveness, emotional empathy, and the feeling of accomplishment with the challengers tonight. We cannot wait what else The Four has in store!


Christy-Anne Lopez
Christy-Anne Lopez

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